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10 Dec 14
US Navy ship-mounted 30kW laser weapon tested in Persian Gulf

Plans are afoot to increase power to 150kW and to mount such weapons on military aircraft and land-based vehicles.

10 Dec 14
Raman kit detects 'one-pot meth'

US authorities employ spectroscopy equipment to scan bottles for chemicals being used to make the drug at home.

09 Dec 14
Phone-charging plane windows launched at aerospace show

Instantly dimmable ‘smart glass’ prototype with embedded PV can shade windows and charge electronics on board aircraft.

04 Dec 14
Lasers detect toxic gases from afar

System can identify chemicals in the atmosphere from a kilometer away.

02 Dec 14
Gigabit laser sends Earth scan 36,000km through space

"First demonstration" of transmitted radar sensor image between two satellites, says co-developer ESA.

02 Dec 14
EV Group opens photonics-focused litho center

Austrian semiconductor equipment firm targeting makers of LEDs and solar cells with nanoimprint technology.

27 Nov 14
Euromold expo highlights 3D printing breakthroughs

Laser-manufacturing developments among innovations at Frankfurt show.

26 Nov 14
Lidar reveals Roman goldmines in Spain

Airborne laser and GPS system reveal details of extensive workings including river redirection.

20 Nov 14
Laser pinpoints methane leaks at biogas plants

Portable system spots leaks from up to 15m; set for commercialisation within 3-5 years.

20 Nov 14
Video system enhances control of driverless vehicle

Enables vehicle to locate itself on a road, demonstrated last week at Michelin Challenge, Chengdu, China.

18 Nov 14
3D Systems previews two-laser metal printer

‘ProX 400’ additive manufacturing system set to be showed off at next week’s EuroMold trade show in Frankfurt.

18 Nov 14
German transport planes to get fiber laser protection

Multi-spectral 'J-MUSIC' system from Elbit Systems will be used by new A400M military transport plane.

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