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26 Jun 12
New guide star laser debuts at SPIE astronomy event

Apparatus could help observatory one day “find another Earth” – Toptica.

25 Jun 12
Imaging improves reliability of electrical substations

Power utilities can remotely monitor impending equipment failures and security breaches by using thermal imaging cameras, automation software.

25 Jun 12
Organic PV: can UK start-ups carve out a niche?

Despite a volatile market and the high-profile bankruptcy of Konarka Technologies, two UK firms see a future in organic photovoltaics.

21 Jun 12
Laser shows promise in heart surgery trials

Procedure for treating chronic atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes palpitations and fainting, features a laser balloon catheter.

20 Jun 12
LED street lights could cut energy use by 85%

Trials in 12 cities worldwide suggest lower power cost, improved visibility, safer citizens.

19 Jun 12
Femtosecond laser cataract system nears launch

Developer LensAR says that final preparations for a US launch are under way, following latest regulatory clearance.

14 Jun 12
Raman spectra reveal blood of the Iceman

Examination of tissues drawn from Otzi gives an insight into blood cell degradation over fifty centuries.

13 Jun 12
Lidar controls and optimizes wind turbine

“World first” claimed for nacelle-mounted system that measures wind, optimizes performance.

06 Jun 12
Lasers put mass on old bones

Lidar scanning of the skeleton followed by volumetric modeling gives a new estimate of the mass of a famous dinosaur.

01 Jun 12
Zeiss helps surgeons see blood flow

Fluorescence technique to interpret speed and direction of blood flow now incorporated into operating microscope.

30 May 12
Graetzel cells debut in iPad solar keyboards

Dye-sensitized photoelectric film manufactured by UK company G24 Innovations eliminates need for batteries or chargers.

30 May 12
Optasense signs "fracking" agreement with Shell

Fiber-monitoring system to observe hydraulic fracturing - better known as "fracking" - operations in oil and shale gas prospecting.

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