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06 Aug 14
Cell-CT spots early signs of cancer in cell nuclei

Optical microscopy platform from VisionGate could have implications for 3D pathology techniques.

05 Aug 14
Novel glass surface tackles glare and reflection

Corning and ICFO integrate micro- and nano-structured features on monolithic glass.

04 Aug 14
New Mars mission to get upgraded laser tools

Los Alamos team to build improved version of 'ChemCam' instrument currently analyzing the red planet.

30 Jul 14
Near-IR lasers set to aid vaccinations

US firm SemiNex awarded project funding by National Institutes of Health.

29 Jul 14
Motor racing team solves oil problem with laser-printed part

Collaboration between 3D Systems and English Racing demonstrates flexibility of laser additive manufacturing.

29 Jul 14
GLE consolidates laser uranium separation as market bites

Focus switches to reduced US program after Japanese shutdown narrows market; Silex hopes for resumption when conditions pick up.

29 Jul 14
Laser reveals ‘liquid’ motion of atoms in clusters

Leicester, UK-led project opens the door to development of novel nano-materials.

29 Jul 14
Imec demonstrates 28G Si-photonics platform for WDM interconnects

Shown at July's Integrated Photonics Research meet in San Diego; Belgian R&D center's next fab-runs in fall 2014 now open for registration.

23 Jul 14
Laser oscillator could replace quartz in future electronics

Research project at Caltech shows terahertz oscillations possible for diverse electronics applications.

23 Jul 14
Optical techniques reveal secrets of barnacle cement

Discovery promises novel synthetic bioadhesives for medical implants, micro-electronics.

23 Jul 14
FLIR launches 'ONE' thermal imager for iPhone

Much-trailed $350 accessory puts infrared imaging hardware in the hands of the consumer.

17 Jul 14
Optical analysis and control of superconductors

Laser light modulates properties of copper-based superconductor, in Italian-led R&D project.

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