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07 Jan 15
Optical sensors and wearables in vogue at CES

Giant Las Vegas consumer electronics event witnesses pulse oximetry demos and Intel's vision of sensor-enabled computing.

06 Jan 15
ProPhotonix agrees licensing deal with Tyndall and Cork Institutes

Cork, Ireland-developed laser module technology suits applications in food, industry, medicine and security.

06 Jan 15
Quantum dot-enhanced TVs make the running at CES

Consumer displays market for the fluorescent nanoparticles 'set to explode' says new QD Vision executive.

30 Dec 14
Toshiba to show off new glasses-free 3D display at CES

Japanese electronics firm to unveil high-definition 15-inch screen based on graded-index liquid crystal lenses in Las Vegas.

23 Dec 14
Airbus hails laser airspeed sensor

Fiber-optic system completes 'successful' flight tests on helicopters.

18 Dec 14
Canadian tornado center deploys lidar WindScanner

Laser examination of weather simulator in full-scale real atmospheric wind and turbulence hall.

18 Dec 14
Heliatek makes its first PV installation in China

Claims "world’s first" BIOPV concrete façade installation in Pudong; also planning new pilot line in Germany.

17 Dec 14
Tunable laser sniffs out Martian methane

Spectrometer on board Curiosity rover detects 'belches' of gas that may indicate presence of microbes.

12 Dec 14
MODE-GAP project yields new EDFA for 'few mode' fiber

Researchers looking into future network technology space division multiplexing develop dedicated amplifier.

10 Dec 14
US Navy ship-mounted 30kW laser weapon tested in Persian Gulf

Plans are afoot to increase power to 150kW and to mount such weapons on military aircraft and land-based vehicles.

10 Dec 14
Raman kit detects 'one-pot meth'

US authorities employ spectroscopy equipment to scan bottles for chemicals being used to make the drug at home.

09 Dec 14
Phone-charging plane windows launched at aerospace show

Instantly dimmable ‘smart glass’ prototype with embedded PV can shade windows and charge electronics on board aircraft.

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