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26 Jun 13
Laser treatment of irregular heartbeat begins multi-center trial

European study will assess CardioFocus intervention for pulmonary vein isolation.

24 Jun 13
Optical data highways carry quantum information

Vienna-based scientists say new technique stores quantum information for long enough to create optical global quantum networks.

20 Jun 13
OptiMedica laser systems in major clinical trial

Platform to be deployed in multi-center, 2,000-eye cataract treatment clinical study.

19 Jun 13
€2.3M 'Ablade' project to focus lasers on bladder cancer

Experiments show that cancerous cells and healthy cells respond differently to infrared wavelengths.

14 Jun 13
Saudi oil giant backs pilot 1MW concentrating PV plant

Pilot project with Soitec could result in future utility-scale installations, says the French firm.

13 Jun 13
'LaserSnake' nuclear project enters phase two

New three-year, £7.7 M effort will develop laser-equipped robots to help decommission nuclear facilities.

06 Jun 13
Laser-driven neutrons detect nuclear booty

Los Alamos researchers show that laser-neutrons are a useful tool against nuclear smugglers.

05 Jun 13
UEF Institute of Photonics teams up with Luxexcel on 3D printing

Academic-commercial partnership to progress “3D printing” of optical components.

31 May 13
UVB LEDs ‘extend strawberry shelf life’

Studies show doubling of refrigerator storage time, says LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology.

28 May 13
Open Photonics partners Qualcomm on XPRIZE

$10 million 'Tricorder' competition expected to rely heavily on photonics technologies for health diagnostics.

22 May 13
Laser uranium enrichment project completes test phase

Technology demonstration step triggers milestone payment to Silex Systems.

15 May 13
LASER 2013: carmakers report on copper processing

Dual-laser approach uses green and infrared wavelengths to weld copper parts.

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