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10 Apr 12
Concentrated PV to power Mexican border project

Construction of initial 50MW of a potentially much larger deployment in Baja California is set to begin later this year.

04 Apr 12
BAE Systems, Boeing blend kinetic and laser weapons

Integration of high-energy lasers on naval platforms has lately been one of the major R&D focuses of military-industry partnerships.

27 Mar 12
Lasers with asteroids in their sights

A University of Strathclyde project envisages a space-based mutli-laser system able to deflect incoming asteroids.

22 Mar 12
Imaging muscle cells on the mend

A new technique visualizes the muscle repair process while it is under way inside a living organism.

20 Mar 12
MABEL lidar takes flight over Arctic

Tests alongside NASA's Operation IceBridge will help pave the way for similar systems to operate in orbit.

14 Mar 12
FIB/SEM laser paired with ablation for analysis

Zeiss’s Auriga combines Trumpf’s pulsed micro-focus laser for ablation with established FIB-SEM technology to enable “novel testing techniques”.

07 Mar 12
Conference expects slow transition to laser weapons

Despite numerous diagnostic applications it is likely to be at least 10 to 20 years before such sources are widely deployed in actual weapons.

06 Mar 12
Major Thai airport to install Doppler lidar system

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International to deploy laser-based system developed by Lockheed Martin to monitor wind shear.

05 Mar 12
DoD contracts: laser targeting; multispectral imaging

Including a $23 million US Army contract for laser target locator modules awarded to BAE Systems.

02 Mar 12
Emcore JV starts production for 50MW CPV farm

The US firm’s China-based Suncore venture is making concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) modules just a year after breaking ground.

02 Mar 12
Optical transfection goes for gold

Polytechnique Montreal finds that transfection of cancer cells with a femtosecond laser is improved by gold nanoparticles.

28 Feb 12
Finland's VTT adapts mobile phone for microscopy

Pocket-size microscope accessory accurate to 0.01mm - on sale from March 2012.

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