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05 Nov 20
FLOWER power optical sensor: another tool in Covid-19 battle

University of Arizona’s “whispering” development involved in hunt for compounds to cut virus binding to receptor in the lungs.

04 Nov 20
MIT and Waterloo announce high-power, portable QCL

Device generates terahertz radiation outside of a laboratory and at much higher temperatures.

04 Nov 20
MAX-FRESH project sorts fresh fruit and rotting vegetables

Multi-species gas sensor will help maximize yields of produce and profits.

03 Nov 20
Wearable solar concentrators offer power generation from textiles

Swiss project improves light absorption of flexible luminescent materials.

28 Oct 20
Frequency combs yield high-resolution spectra in almost complete darkness

Max-Planck Institute develops photon-level broadband spectroscopy and interferometry.

27 Oct 20
Multifocus imaging captures 3D views of live cells

Boston University platform could assist in several bioimaging applications.

21 Oct 20
Optical transmission boosted by forming fibers under pressure

Japan-US research team demonstrates that silica fiber signal loss can be cut by 50%.

21 Oct 20
Ultrafast camera captures 3D film at 100 billion frames per second

Caltech imaging technique could reveal dynamics of polarization and sonoluminescence.

20 Oct 20
On-chip tuning of laser light offers improved metrology and communications

NIST project uses optical parametric oscillation to convert invisible IR into visible colors.

16 Oct 20
5-minute Covid-19 test based on fluorescence and image analysis

Oxford University’s method is faster than PCR and distinguishes between virus types; spin-out company to be set up.

15 Oct 20
Adaptive optics reveals immune cell dynamics in the retina

University of Rochester tracks cell interactions in a living eye without dyes or damage.

14 Oct 20
Fraunhofer ILT refines laser welding of martensitic chromium steels

Alloys are suited to electric vehicle battery cases; development is part of German AiF research project FAAM.

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