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17 Jun 20
CIASM microscopy shows details of the cellular neighborhood

Stanford University technique pinpoints proteins within bacterial cells.

16 Jun 20
Metasurfaces allow ultra-thin camera lenses

Chalmers University of Technology technique offers easier route to metalens manufacture.

15 Jun 20
Distributed-feedback method promises multi-watt terahertz lasers

Technique developed at Lehigh Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics, boosts output of single-mode sources.

10 Jun 20
Harmonic optical tomography offers faster 3D imaging

New technique could assist in diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

09 Jun 20
New electrode material helps UV diodes tackle Covid-19

Penn State diodes using transparent strontium niobate could lead to disinfection techniques.

08 Jun 20
Nanocrystal assembly method could transform photonics devices

Australian scientists develop controllable method to assemble single nanoparticles into advantageous templates.

04 Jun 20
Rethinking photonic crystals: ‘even thin is functional’

Japanese-Dutch collaboration says "very thin" 3D photonic bandgap crystals are also powerful optical control devices.

03 Jun 20
Physicists develop integrated photon source for macro quantum-photonics

Bristol University says its photon discovery is "major step" toward large-scale quantum applications.

03 Jun 20
Multimodal imaging reveals details of plant cells

Kobe University project combines fluorescence and phase information for analysis of stem cells.

02 Jun 20
Thomas Jefferson University-led group creates first 3D map of heart neurons

New imaging technique Knife-Edge Scanning Microscopy gives insight into neurons' role in heart attacks and other conditions.

02 Jun 20
Blu-ray diodes recruited in fight against Covid-19

UCI project aims to employ sources from disc players to disinfect surfaces.

28 May 20
Dresden group develops laser process to make self-cleaning aluminum

"Periodic surface structure" is water and ice repellent, also repels up to 99% of dirt with rolling water droplets.

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