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25 Sep 18
Bionic retina looks good in early safety study

First patients to receive radical treatment for dry form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) able to see patterns including letters and numbers.

18 Sep 18
First Osram VCSEL to illuminate for facial recognition app

Surface-emitting Bidos PLPVQ 940A VCSEL initially used for 3D sensing and mobile device security applications.

18 Sep 18
Exoplanet-hunting TESS returns first images

'First light' for satellite telescope launched earlier this year as multi-camera payload captures view of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

17 Sep 18
Nanodiamonds in polymer speed up 3D printing

Development by Finland's VTT Research and Carbodeon improves delivery and resilience of 3D printing material - for industrial, personal manufacture.

17 Sep 18
NASA launches 'ICESat-2' laser altimeter

Mission to monitor changing ice levels on Earth suffered significant delay and budget overrun.

12 Sep 18
Infrared spectroscopy trialled for drunk-driving detector

Governor of Virginia launches new technology-based attempt to reduce levels of drunk-driving.

11 Sep 18
German MV industry sales grew 17% in 2017 to ā‚¬2.6 bn

VDMA Machine Vision Group reports record numbers for sector and booming, bi-annual VISION show.

10 Sep 18
Fraunhofer demonstrating OLEDs integrated into textiles

Illuminated wearables will be fashionable, functional and eye-catching; to debut next week at Dresden's ESTC 2018 show.

05 Sep 18
'NextGenAM' pilot plant opens in Germany showcasing continuous production

Partnership of Premium Aerotec, Daimler, and EOS to develop "series additive manufacturing" achieves first milestone.

05 Sep 18
Adaptive optics reveals fine details of retinal structure

Duke University handheld platform assists diagnosis of eye disease and trauma.

04 Sep 18
Compact hyperspectral system captures ā€˜5-Dā€™ images

Temporal, spatial and optical properties of targets give researchers a big picture of materials and living tissues.

04 Sep 18
Aachen researchers to showcase laser metalworking skills at EuroBLECH

Fraunhofer ILT will promote time- cost- and materials-saving methods, including metal-plastic welding, at next month's Hanover expo.

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