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07 Apr 21
Quantum technologies for computing, comms and imaging at Hannover Messe

At next week's virtual expo, Fraunhofer IOF to showcase quantum imaging system, entangled photon source; and “Qu-NET” optical modules.

06 Apr 21
STED microscopy reveals sub-cellular details in living mice

Yale project achieves super-resolution 3D imaging in native tissue environment.

05 Apr 21
Nuburu awarded US patent for copper welding with blue laser

Expands firm's IP portfolio, covers all potential apps of copper welding in automotive and e-mobility.

01 Apr 21
Frequency comb sniffs out cow emissions

Field-deployed spectroscopy system able to monitor methane and ammonia to low concentrations with high precision.

31 Mar 21
Zeiss launches crystallographic CT system

Enables 3D crystallographic imaging such as for AM, ceramics, and pharmaceutical samples.

31 Mar 21
Monitoring blood constituents points to more effective health monitoring

LMU Munich and MPQ find spectral fingerprints stable enough to serve as individual biomarkers.

30 Mar 21
Lucence to commercialize laser microfluidics for cancer biopsy

Palo Alto startup is working with Waseda University group on a new way to identify circulating tumor cells at an early stage.

29 Mar 21
Innoviz launches automotive perception platform to vehicle makers

Firm says it is already shipping InnovizAPP to selected auto “giants” for consumer AV programs.

24 Mar 21
Raman and infrared techniques boost biomedical analyses

Developments from Schott, tec5 and CEA-Leti offer improved process control and imaging.

23 Mar 21
Speckle imaging offers route to predicting heart attacks

Wellman Center imaging technique could help identify arterial plaques most likely to rupture.

22 Mar 21
US Navy researchers gather ocean sciences data using Lidar

Quantifying subsurface bubbles key to oceanographic models to characterize sea evolution.

16 Mar 21
Hyperspectral vision aids organic electronics production

Inspection technique developed by Fraunhofer IWS team offers rapid checks on barrier foils crucial for ensuring product quality.

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