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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

October 2005

Business briefs 28 Oct 05

Including news from Newport, SPI, Ealing, JPSA, Photon, Ericsson and more.

Electronic paper hits size milestone 27 Oct 05

E Ink unveils 10-inch monochrome and 6-inch color electronic paper at FPD 2005 in Japan.

Laser pulse enables drug delivery 27 Oct 05

Researchers use a laser initiated shock wave to accelerate particles into animal tissue.

SERS helps diagnose osteoarthritis 27 Oct 05

Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy can potentially spot osteoarthritis before pains sets in, say US scientists.

Research roundup 26 Oct 05

A look at some of this month's innovations including a photonic crystal fiber amplifier with a peak output power of 1.1 MW.

Business briefs 21 Oct 05

Including news from Corning, Varioptic, FLIR Systems, Cambridge Display Technology and more.

Nanocrystals enhance photovoltaics 21 Oct 05

US scientists create a solar cell that combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic designs.

Spray drying makes better YAG 21 Oct 05

A low-temperature process for synthesizing YAG could benefit manufacturers of solid-state lasers.

Real-time THz imager screens mail 20 Oct 05

A terahertz system that acquires images in real time could help screen mail for suspicious objects.

Visible silicon laser makes its debut 20 Oct 05

Red emission is reported from a silicon laser doped with Europium ions.

Business briefs 14 Oct 05

Including news from Quantel, LG Philips LCD, Princeton Lightwave, Kopin and more.

UK team targets terahertz imagers 14 Oct 05

A UK research team will use £2.1 million of funding to develop portable terahertz devices based on InP chips.

Plastic solar cells get efficiency boost 13 Oct 05

Scientists have come up with a low-cost process that improves the performance of polymer-based photovoltaics.

Chips give hope to all-optical memory 12 Oct 05

Electronic control over the speed of light is demonstrated in three types of optoelectronic chip.

Corkscrew fiber retrieves blood clots 10 Oct 05

Stroke victims could benefit from a laser-activated polymer that changes shape to capture blood clots.

Business briefs 07 Oct 05

Including news from Corning, Carl Zeiss, Jenoptik, LINOS, Micronic and more.

R&D project targets thin-disk lasers 07 Oct 05

The development of UV and visible VECSEL devices receives a EURO 3.8 million boost thanks to an EC initiative.

Eye sensor simplifies glucose tests 07 Oct 05

Optical sensor could offer diabetics a convenient alternative to blood testing.

Optical scientists land Nobel prize 04 Oct 05

Roy Glauber, John Hall and Theodor Hänsch have been awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Security aid blinds phone cameras 03 Oct 05

A video camcorder equipped with infrared LEDs helps prevent unauthorized photography with cell phones.

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