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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

November 2005

Single-photon array aids astronomy 29 Nov 05

A high-speed camera developed in Italy could help scientists study fast-evolving events such as gamma ray bursts.

Business briefs 25 Nov 05

Including news from S-LCD, FLIR Systems, Thales Laser Diode and more.

Nanopillars reverse optical behaviour 25 Nov 05

A material made from an array of gold nanopillars on glass exhibits unique optical properties.

Defects bend light at acute angles 24 Nov 05

Introducing a specific defect structure into a photonic crystal waveguide bends light at acute angles.

Terahertz pulses watch paint dry 23 Nov 05

Researchers in Japan unveil a terahertz system that measures the thickness of a layer of paint and its drying time.

Photonic crystals brighten up LEDs 21 Nov 05

Researchers boost the output of blue LEDs by using laser holography to create an array of air holes within the device.

Business briefs 18 Nov 05

Including news from Sony, NEC, Emcore, Osram, Infineon, GSI Group and more.

Nanotubes beam out bright light 18 Nov 05

Researchers unveil how they made single-walled carbon nanotubes emit beams of infrared light.

Chaos protects networks in Athens 17 Nov 05

Chaotic optical communications is demonstrated on a commercial fibre network at gigabit/s data rates.

Financial focus 15 Nov 05

The latest financial results from JDSU, Corning, Rofin-Sinar, LINOS and Cambridge Display Technology.

HB-LED makers face tough challenges 14 Nov 05

Makers of high-brightness LEDs should develop more appropriate standards claims a new report.

Business briefs 11 Nov 05

Including news from Jenoptik Laserdiode, Philips, Lumileds Lighting, Cedip Infrared Systems and more.

Asian firms dominate organic field 11 Nov 05

The number of organic semiconductor patents continues to grow with Japanese and Korean firms leading the way.

$750m giant telescope unveiled 10 Nov 05

A project team in Canada reveals a 10 year plan to build the world's largest optical telescope.

Financial focus 09 Nov 05

The latest financial results from Newport, Zygo, Coherent, Micronic and Bookham.

Bragg gratings are key to encryption 09 Nov 05

US researchers unveil a new way of keeping optical data networks safe from prying eyes.

Business briefs 04 Nov 05

Including news from Coherent, Iolon, IPG Laser, Wahl optoparts, Novaled and more.

Blu-ray discs get optical check-up 04 Nov 05

A device for testing next generation DVDs could help disc makers spot manufacturing flaws.

VeinViewer brings deep veins to light 03 Nov 05

The problem of finding and accessing a vein to draw blood from could soon be solved thanks to work at Luminetx.

Silicon chip puts the brakes on light 03 Nov 05

A photonic crystal circuit offers tunable control over the speed of infrared light pulses.

Avalanche design boosts detection of light signals 02 Nov 05

Measuring low light levels can be a challenge, especially at high speeds. Tim Stokes explains why avalanche photodiodes are often an attractive solution to the problem.

JDSU pins profitability on diversified business 02 Nov 05

In fiscal 2005, nearly half of JDSU's revenue came from activities other than optical telecommunications. Jacqueline Hewett finds out about the firm's diversification plans.

LIDAR road trip uncovers pollution secrets 02 Nov 05

Mobile LIDAR came under the spotlight at SPIE Europe's recent Remote Sensing event held in Bruges, Belgium. James Tyrrell caught up with Environment Canada's Kevin Strawbridge to discover the benefits of taking a high-power laser on the road.

Eye sensor offers instant blood glucose readings 02 Nov 05

A pain-free optical technique for measuring blood glucose levels could prove to be a big hit with diabetics when it comes to the market.

Financial focus 01 Nov 05

The latest financial results from Cree, FLIR Systems, DALSA and more.

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