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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

July 2005

Business briefs 29 Jul 05

Including news from Quantel, Kodak, FLIR Systems, NP Photonics and more.

Financial focus 28 Jul 05

The latest financial results from Corning, Lucent, LINOS, FLIR Systems and more.

Smallest CO2 laser targets marking 27 Jul 05

US firm Nutfield Technology says it has developed the smallest 10W CO2 laser on the market.

LED lamps brighten up Dutch town 27 Jul 05

LED luminaires from Philips Lighting have been used to provide warm-white street lighting.

Light scattering detects itchy textiles 26 Jul 05

Indian scientists exploit the light scattering properties of protruding fibers to determine the hairiness of yarn.

Business briefs 22 Jul 05

Including news from Picarro, Carl Zeiss SMT, Micronic, QPC, Wahl optoparts and more.

Blue glow reveals rice quality 21 Jul 05

The variety, region of origin and chemistry of rice is revealed by its blue-green photoluminescence.

Airports test terahertz imaging 21 Jul 05

A UK start-up has developed a new type of security scanner that exploits terahertz waves.

Sharp makes LCD with double vision 21 Jul 05

Sharp has come up with an LCD that lets viewers surf the web and watch movies at the same time.

Fujitsu unveils color electronic paper 19 Jul 05

Flexible color electronic paper developed by Fujitsu could be used to display adverts as early as next year.

Business briefs 15 Jul 05

Including news from Corning, LG Philips, XTREME, IMRA and more.

Patent highlights 14 Jul 05

The pick of this week's patents including a lens array from mobile phone giant Nokia.

Jellyfish uses red light to lure prey 14 Jul 05

Researchers discover a deep sea creature covered with red photophores that imitate shrimp.

Research round-up 13 Jul 05

A look at some of the breakthroughs that have been made this month, including a high repetition rate EUV source.

Modelocked fibre lasers aid short pulse creation 13 Jul 05

Are you looking for a source of femtosecond pulses? Jan Posthumus explains why fibre lasers are a convenient, easy-to-use answer, with the added benefit of being tunable.

Supercontinuum source boxed up and ready to go 13 Jul 05

Push-button-operated supercontinuum sources that combine ultrafast laser pulses with microstructured fibre were a big hit at LASER 2005. World of Photonics in June in Germany. James Tyrrell talks booth-side with developers Fianium and Koheras.

Ion beams enhance optoelectronic durability 13 Jul 05

A Swedish start-up has found an ingenious way to protect the surface of semiconductors and glass. Its Nitrel treatment could boost the performance of laser diodes, photodetectors and optical crystals, reports Oliver Graydon.

CVI hits acquisition trail 13 Jul 05

CVI Laser's extensive optics and coatings catalogue contains 200,000 unique part numbers. Jacqueline Hewett asks the company's chief executive officer Stuart Schoenmann about its current acquisition strategy and aggressive expansion plans.

Sharp doubles optical storage density 12 Jul 05

Sharp invents a super-resolution optical disc that can hold 100GB of data.

Business briefs 08 Jul 05

Including news from Neophotonics, GSI Group, AU Optronics, Leica and more.

Start-up unveils real-time 3D imager 06 Jul 05

A newly created Swiss start-up launches a real-time OCT system that has micrometer precision.

Finland invests in photonics cluster 06 Jul 05

The photonics community of Tampere has formed a local cluster to link laser research and production in the region.

Fingernails store personal information 06 Jul 05

Japanese researchers are using femtosecond laser pulses to write data into human fingernails.

US to spin out giant mirror 01 Jul 05

Progress continues on the Giant Magellan Telescope with the rotary casting of an 8.4 m mirror.

Business briefs 01 Jul 05

Including news from Micronic, Redshift, Cree, Sharp and more.

Patent highlights 01 Jul 05

The pick of this week’s patents including an optical system from Boeing for identifying seats.

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