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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

February 2005

Business briefs 25 Feb 05

Including news from GSI Lumonics, Kopin, Lockheed Martin, CDT and more.

Patent highlights 24 Feb 05

The pick of this week's applications including a device that could help dentists spot early-stage tooth decay.

Longer lives for organic LEDs 23 Feb 05

The performance of organic light-emitting diodes can be improved by doping them with carbon-60.

Telecoms twist to optical roll sensing 23 Feb 05

A compact sensor that measures angular rotation could find space-based applications say its Chinese developers.

DALSA snaps up Coreco 22 Feb 05

Imaging giant DALSA continues its aggressive strategy of growth through acquisitions.

Business briefs 18 Feb 05

Including news from DALSA, Coreco, Berliner Glas, Toptica Photonics, SID and more.

Silicon photonics makes giant strides 18 Feb 05

It's been a week to remember in the world of silicon photonics with two groups releasing news of further advances.

Patent highlights 18 Feb 05

The pick of this week's applications including a low-power laser shaver from Philips.

Invisible display lights up metal 17 Feb 05

Bang & Olufsen has used a femtosecond laser to create hidden displays in aluminium.

Research round-up 16 Feb 05

A look at some of the innovations in optics unveiled this month.

Optics enters single-cycle regime 14 Feb 05

Physicists at Stanford University in the US have produced the shortest ever laser pulse at optical frequencies.

Business briefs 11 Feb 05

Including news from Cree, Nichia, Northrop Grumman, Corning, Kopin and more.

Merck acquires Covion 10 Feb 05

The leading supplier of liquid crystals invests in rival OLED technology.

Financial focus 10 Feb 05

Including the latest financial results from Bookham, Coherent, Newport and more.

Patent highlights 10 Feb 05

The pick of this week's applications including a display that switches between 2D and 3D viewing modes.

Organic lasers enter the ultraviolet 10 Feb 05

German scientists make a pulsed ultraviolet laser using the same type of materials found in OLED displays.

Photonics soars in Taiwan 08 Feb 05

Market report shows that Taiwan’s photonics industry is still growing.

Newport turns to Spectra to fill the gap in its plans 07 Feb 05

Newport's acquisition of Spectra-Physics in July 2004 created one of the largest firms in the photonics industry. Jacqueline Hewett caught up with the company's CEO Robert Deuster to find out the background behind the deal and how the merger is progressing.

Pocket scanner has curved surfaces wrapped up 07 Feb 05

Researchers in Japan have devised an image scanner from a sheet of organic electronics that can flex to scan curved objects. James Tyrrell finds out more.

Choosing a nonlinear crystal: quality is vital 07 Feb 05

If you want to frequency-double a laser or build an optical parametric oscillator, you'll need a nonlinear crystal. Marc-André Herrmann guides you through the most popular materials on the market.

China seeks LED solution to an energy-resource problem 04 Feb 05

Despite being a vast country, China's energy resources are relatively scarce. As a result, the government sees LED manufacturing as a key part of the country's future as its rapid economic expansion puts an increasing strain on power. Michael Hatcher reports.

Business briefs 04 Feb 05

Including news from JDS Uniphase, Northrop Grumman, Bookham, Micronic and more.

Financial focus 03 Feb 05

A selection of the latest financial results from Cree, Lucent Technologies, Corning and more.

Photonic crystals aid Raman signals 03 Feb 05

Patterned substrates that enable fast and accurate detection of Raman signals go on sale.

Gas sensor reveals magma motion 02 Feb 05

Laser-based instruments could soon become a convenient tool to warn scientists of impending volcanic eruptions.

Diode lasers perform cell surgery 01 Feb 05

Violet diode lasers pave the way for powerful, cost-effective gene therapy.

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