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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

August 2005

Adaptive microscope defies tradition 31 Aug 05

Scientists design an optical microscope that overcomes the trade-off between field-of-view and resolving power.

Research round-up 30 Aug 05

A look at some of innovations in optics this month including a terahertz study of imflammable liquids in plastic bottles.

Business briefs 26 Aug 05

Including news from JDS Uniphase, LG Philips LCD, Carl Zeiss IMT, Specialised Imaging and more.

Laser diode bars break 400W barrier 25 Aug 05

Jenoptik pushes the output power of diodes to a new level.

Singapore enters liquid lens race 24 Aug 05

PGS Precision plans to start commercial production of liquid lenses next year for use in digital cameras and phones.

Fiber sensor picks up tiny vibrations 24 Aug 05

Researchers use their expertise in gravitational wave detection to develop an underwater acoustic sensor.

Wavefront sensors show up problems with beams 24 Aug 05

Whether it's adjusting a telescope or focusing a laser beam to a small spot, wavefront sensing can help. Xavier Levecq explains the technique and the options available.

Near-field optics show data storage promise 24 Aug 05

Near-field optical data storage requires a lens with a numerical aperture of greater than one and an air gap of 30 nm between the lens and disc. Jacqueline Hewett visited Philips in the Netherlands to find out how the electronics giant has dealt with these challenges.

Smooth operation gives Kaleido optics the edge 24 Aug 05

Danish firm Kaleido thinks its machining expertise can deliver affordable next-generation optics that slash the cost of optical assembly by a factor of 10. James Tyrrell investigates.

Rutherford gives birth to family of spin-off firms 24 Aug 05

After 50 years as one of the world's leading centres of big science, the UK's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is now spinning off its technology. Oliver Graydon finds out more.

Corning cashes in on display boom 24 Aug 05

Display glass is a big money-spinner for Corning, accounting for around a third of its revenue. James Tyrrell spoke with Pete Bocko, division vice-president and technical director of Corning Display Technologies, about the rise of its glass substrate business.

OCT sees through painted canvases 23 Aug 05

The preliminary sketches made before an artist starts painting are being revealed thanks to optical coherence tomography.

Brillouin effect controls speed of light 23 Aug 05

A nonlinear effect in silica fiber could bring big benefits to the world of optical networking and computing.

Business briefs 19 Aug 05

Including news from Alfalight, Picolight, e2v technologies, Redlake and more.

Security codes boast photo quality 19 Aug 05

Laser written images could help prevent forgery of bank cards and security passes.

Aircraft leases boost Bookham 19 Aug 05

Bookham has freed up $12 million in cash through tax breaks from a deal involving the sub-lease of aircraft.

Optical chip senses multiple gases 18 Aug 05

An optical integrated circuit promises high sensitivity detection of multiple gases at the same time.

Financial focus 16 Aug 05

Including news from Jenoptik Group, Universal display Corporation, Cree and more.

Philips takes control of Lumileds 16 Aug 05

Philips is to acquire Agilent's share of the Lumileds high-power LED joint venture.

Business briefs 12 Aug 05

Including news from Universal Display Corporation, Cree, OmniVision, DALSA and more.

Patent highlights 11 Aug 05

The pick of this week's patents including a mirrorball-based laser device that deters birds from landing.

Honey bees sniff-out landmines 11 Aug 05

Researchers in the US are combining LIDAR and a honey bee's finely tuned sense of smell to locate buried land mines.

Waveguide sensor spots vibration 10 Aug 05

An optical vibration sensor could help detect structural damage even in high electromagnetic fields.

Financial focus 10 Aug 05

Including news from TRUMPF, Rofin-Sinar, Cambridge Display Technology and more.

Business briefs 05 Aug 05

Including news from DALSA, Alfalight, UDC, Nichia, Samsung Electronics and more.

Financial focus 03 Aug 05

The latest financial results from Newport, Coherent, DALSA, Bookham and more.

Opto market performs well in 2004 02 Aug 05

Strong demand for consumer products drives the optoelectronics market to $236 bn.

Surfaces have built-in "fingerprints" 02 Aug 05

Laser-based technique could replace existing security measures such as holograms.

Micromirrors trap particles in parallel 01 Aug 05

An optoelectronic tweezer reported in Nature traps and manipulates 15000 particles simultaneously.

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