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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

June 2005

South Korea creates LED Valley 30 Jun 05

Gwangju strives to become a world-leading region for LED fabrication.

Optical power meters go wireless 28 Jun 05

Wireless measurements make it easier to monitor optical networks.

MBE blue lasers take the next step 27 Jun 05

Sharp's European research wing has made continuous-wave blue laser diodes using MBE growth.

Business briefs 24 Jun 05

Including news from Melles Griot, Coherent, Philips, DALSA, FLIR Systems and more.

Fiber probe peers down tiny holes 23 Jun 05

NIST engineers measure the diameter of tiny holes by imaging the shadow of a microsphere tipped fiber.

Chi Mei ramps up LCD production 23 Jun 05

Taiwanese manufacturer announces aggressive expansion plans.

Buried waveguides wire-up silicon 22 Jun 05

Scientists use an ultrafast laser to create waveguides in crystalline silicon that could enable 3-D optical circuitry.

EUV microscope explores nanoscale 21 Jun 05

Researchers demonstrate a high-resolution EUV microscope for use in the microelectronics industry.

LASER 2005: in pictures 17 Jun 05

A selection of some of the more unusual sights at this year's show.

LASER 2005: Tiny blue DPSS laser 16 Jun 05

French start-up Oxxius launches what it says is the world's smallest blue laser module.

LASER 2005: Portable laser marking 15 Jun 05

Engineers in Germany unveil a portable battery-powered laser marking instrument.

LASER 2005: New products 15 Jun 05

A selection of some of the new products on display at the show.

LASER 2005: Optical breath testing 14 Jun 05

An IR spectroscopy-based device developed in Switzerland could help speed up the diagnosis of disease.

LASER 2005: Fast holography of faces 14 Jun 05

An ultrafast holography system captures the shape of live subjects.

LASER 2005: Coherent acquisition 13 Jun 05

LASER 2005 opens to the news that Coherent has acquired TuiLaser.

LASER 2005: ILT demos combi-head 10 Jun 05

A laser head that allows a single laser to both cut and weld metal makes its debut on the first day of the exhibition.

Business briefs 10 Jun 05

Including news from GSI Group, JDS Uniphase, LG.Philips, Cambridge Display Technology and more.

Pulses get on the nerves of nemotodes 10 Jun 05

Using femtosecond pulses to sever nerve connections in nemotodes could aid rapid screening of drugs.

Reflector yields tunablity triumph 08 Jun 05

A wavelength tuning scheme that outperforms thermo-optic or electro-optic techniques is revealed.

Radial reflector enhances biosensing 08 Jun 05

Scientists make an ultra-sensitive biochemical sensor by etching circular micro-cavities in a semiconductor.

Fiber sensor tackles blood pressure 07 Jun 05

A Slovenian team thinks its polymer diaphragm could enable miniature pressure sensors for medical use.

All-optical sensing deals with vehicle emissions 03 Jun 05

Europe is turning to optical technology to monitor combustion efficiency and help tackle the problem of vehicle emissions. James Tyrrell catches up with the latest research.

CMOS cameras rise to speed challenge 03 Jun 05

Cameras based on CMOS image sensors are providing a new cost-effective way to perform high-speed imaging. Gerhard Holst describes the latest technology on offer.

TRUMPF embraces kilowatt disc laser technology 03 Jun 05

TRUMPF is a household name when it comes to laser materials processing. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to Peter Leibinger, head of its laser division, about the market prospects for current and next-generation technologies.

Laser fridge comes of age 03 Jun 05

Laser-powered cooling chambers that use light to remove heat could soon be a rival to conventional chillers. Oliver Graydon reports that the technology is maturing rapidly.

Pharmaceutical industry adopts terahertz waves 03 Jun 05

Studying drug coatings is just one use the pharmaceutical industry has found for terahertz radiation. John Paul Cerroti, vice-president of product development at Teraview, tells Jacqueline Hewett about its current research and potential markets for the technology.

Extreme UV lithography preserves Moore's law 03 Jun 05

European firms are making good progress in developing the optical equipment that will be needed to make the microchips of the future. Rob van den Berg finds out more.

Technium energizes Welsh entrepreneurs 03 Jun 05

Photonics in North Wales is being given a new lease of life, thanks to the creation of an innovative technology centre with bold plans. Oliver Graydon decided to pay a visit.

Business briefs 03 Jun 05

Including news from CVI Laser, Philips, Cree and more.

Optics tackle the ultraviolet 03 Jun 05

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used for everything from semiconductor lithography and eye surgery to water sterilization and micromachining. Volker Schmidt from Berliner Glas talked to Optics.org about the current status of optics developed for this important spectral region.

Q-dot creates single photon source 02 Jun 05

Toshiba makes a single photon source from a tiny pillar of semiconductor.

Patent highlights 02 Jun 05

The pick of this week's patents including a UV active pharmaceutical ink from Hewlett-Packard.

OLED displays offer double the view 02 Jun 05

Double-sided OLEDs target miniature displays in mobile phones and digital cameras.

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