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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

December 2004

Business briefs 23 Dec 04

Including news from DRS Technologies, Sharp, Andor Technology, Jenoptik and more.

Image scanner fits in a pocket 22 Dec 04

Organic electronics creates an image scanner that is the size and weight of a business card.

Fiber lasers enter kilowatt regime 22 Dec 04

A single strand fiber laser emits more than 1kW of continuous wave power.

LCD backlighting continues to thrive as pricing pressure bites 17 Dec 04

As long as people keep buying cell phones, unit LED shipments will continue to expand, but with increasing downward pressure on selling prices, it will be new applications of ultrahigh brightness sources that drive future market growth. Michael Hatcher reports.

Business briefs 17 Dec 04

Including news from Universal Display Corporation, Seiko Epson, Samsung, Sony and more.

Patent highlights 17 Dec 04

The pick of this week's applications including a femtosecond fiber laser that could make eye surgery safer.

Optical sensor cleans up car fumes 15 Dec 04

Low-cost microcavity emitters have been combined with an infrared detector to create a real-time vehicle exhaust sensor.

Bookham axes former headquarters 14 Dec 04

The supplier of optical networking subsystems announces a fresh round of cost cutting.

Cellophane creates 3D camera phone 13 Dec 04

Ordinary cell phones can have 3D displays by covering the screen with a sheet of cellophane.

Business briefs 10 Dec 04

Including news from Toshiba, Sharp, ASML, Northrop Grumman, FLIR Systems and more.

Disney backs Blu-ray format 10 Dec 04

The major Hollywood studios are split down the middle over next-generation DVD.

Patent highlights 10 Dec 04

The pick of this week's applications including a blue-emitting phosphor for use in plasma display panels.

EUV holography makes x-ray lenses 10 Dec 04

Swiss researchers demonstrate a convenient way to mass produce high-resolution x-ray optics.

Holey VCSELs produce high powers 09 Dec 04

Sony scientists say etching tiny holes in the top surface of a VCSEL is the key to high-power singlemode operation.

Business briefs 03 Dec 04

Including news from Jenoptik, Toshiba, Corning, BTG, Mitsubishi Electric and more.

Flexible displays get material boost 03 Dec 04

Transparent TFTs fabricated by Japanese scientists could accelerate the development of flexible displays.

Taiwan breaks science park ground 02 Dec 04

Taiwan's leader hopes that optoelectronics production will soon match the region's huge success in silicon manufacturing.

LED snowflakes light up New York 01 Dec 04

New York City gears up for Christmas by hanging LED-based snowflakes above its busy streets.

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