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09 Jan 13
Vulcan Laser refocuses on electron acceleration experiments

New mirror improves research potential of UK-based high energy laser.

09 Jan 13
Optical strontium clock to refine accuracy of second

German team measures effect of temperature on strontium atoms, cutting measurement uncertainty by order of magnitude.

08 Jan 13
Conical refraction laser R&D project takes off

HiCore project wins £1.2m funding - high brightness CR lasers offer diverse applications.

20 Dec 12
DILAS-led project to develop high-brilliance diode bars

German diode laser specialist heads up three-year "BRIDLE" project backed by the European Commission.

19 Dec 12
Gooch & Housego begins HALO laser R&D project

International High power Adaptable Laser beams of various types to be developed for materials processing.

19 Dec 12
Rheinmetall demos 50kW 'HEL' laser weapon

Testing included the entire operational sequence from target detection, tracking through engagement and destruction.

19 Dec 12
Kuwaitis join forces with IMEC to work on silicon solar cells

Kuwait University signs up to join the Belgian microelectronics research hub’s industrial affiliation program.

12 Dec 12
Photonics drives electronic switching towards light speed

Interaction between shortest light pulses and insulators promises electronic switching in the petahertz domain.

12 Dec 12
Photonic crystal sensor refines blood testing

Treated fine membrane promises "nano-particle diagnosis" of patients with heart disease, cancer at an earlier stage.

05 Dec 12
US Govt. grants Universal Display $150,000 award

SBIR Phase I grant to support white, high-efficiency OLED lighting development.

05 Dec 12
Belgian team develops “LCD” contact-lens display

Researchers say prototype could be used in medicine, or lead to adaptable “in-eye” sunglasses.

30 Nov 12
US Navy backs femtosecond lasers for IR countermeasures

Naval Air Systems Command awards $1 million for Raydiance to tailor its system for military applications.

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