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05 Dec 12
Belgian team develops “LCD” contact-lens display

Researchers say prototype could be used in medicine, or lead to adaptable “in-eye” sunglasses.

30 Nov 12
US Navy backs femtosecond lasers for IR countermeasures

Naval Air Systems Command awards $1 million for Raydiance to tailor its system for military applications.

28 Nov 12
EU group founds training network for PV research

Focusing on kesterites, Cu/Zn-based minerals, which promise economical, sustainable solar cells.

22 Nov 12
Artificial lens mimics human eye's natural design

A structure built from thousands of polymer nanolayers produces a gradient of refractive responses within a single lens.

21 Nov 12
Powering lasers by 'waste' heat

Research in Innsbruck suggests surplus heat can be recycled to power a quantum cascade laser.

15 Nov 12
Laser speckle helps penetrate the opaque

Decoding the speckle pattern produced by an opaque scattering layer allows the object hiding behind to be imaged.

15 Nov 12
Vision2012: ‘Ultrasensitive’ photon hunter devised

Novel sensor creates useful images from lowest level of photon interactions.

13 Nov 12
VECTOR project will develop new optical fiber connectors

New FP7 consortium aims to accelerate the deployment of fast fiber-optic networks by simplifying installation.

07 Nov 12
FAMOS consortium prepares to develop new medical lasers

The FP7 research program will design laser sources for use in biophotonics research and as clinical diagnostic tools.

06 Nov 12
DARPA seeks low-cost, multi-band imagers for troops

Agency wants to provide soldiers with portable imaging kit operating in the visible, near-infrared and thermal ranges.

06 Nov 12
Doppler OCT monitors health of embryonic hearts

US researchers develop imaging technique able to visualize both blood flow and inherent stresses.

05 Nov 12
Claes-Göran Wahlström elected Laserlab-Europe coordinator

Lund University's head of atomic physics succeeds Wolfgang Sandner, who will move to the Extreme Light Infrastructure project in eastern Europe.

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