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23 Jan 17
Latest 'SBIRS' infrared payload responding: Lockheed

Third geosynchronous satellite in the Space-Based Infrared System constellation launched successfully.

19 Jan 17
ams launches range of low-cost multispectral sensors

On-chip NIR/visible sensors intended to replace bulky benchtop lab analyzers with hand-held equivalents.

18 Jan 17
Cephalogics awarded US patent for high-density diffuse OCT system

Company has been developing non-invasive, portable system to improve clinicians’ understanding of brain blood-flow.

17 Jan 17
New laser diodes promise compact optoacoustic platforms

Project led by the University at Buffalo shows clinical viability of compact lasers for biomedical imaging.

11 Jan 17
Gas pipelines to get fiber-optic monitors

Southern California Gas to install technology on all new and replacement pipelines to detect leaks and damage.

10 Jan 17
Upgraded VLT to hunt for 'habitable' exoplanets

Private backer Breakthrough Initiatives to pay for new mid-infrared adaptive optics capability.

06 Jan 17
MBDA team confirmed for £30M UK laser weapon demonstrator

Ministry of Defence selects 'Dragonfire' consortium, with full laser weapons capability earmarked for mid-2020s.

06 Jan 17
New sensor integrates bowel disease detection into colonoscopy

Device developed at Vanderbilt could fill gap in IBD treatment by distinguishing disease subtypes and specifying treatments.

05 Jan 17
Quanergy announces mass production of solid-state lidar sensors

Venture-backed US firm says deliveries of its low-cost ‘S3’ model aimed at automotive applications will begin later this year.

05 Jan 17
Ultivue sees route to simplified super-resolution techniques

The company's Ultivue-2 system is a reagent-based platform for super-resolution microscopy.

29 Dec 16
Ten UK patients to receive bionic eyes

Cash-strapped NHS England funds 'life-changing' procedures for blind people at eye hospitals in London and Manchester.

28 Dec 16
MicroVision begins shipping samples of pico-projectors

Also, earlier in December the company announced it has raised $15million from sale of stock.

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