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02 Mar 16
Smart headlamps boost safety when driving at night

Adaptive LED-based headlamp responds to road and traffic and is more energy efficient.

02 Mar 16
SPIDER technology offers route to lighter, compact telescopes

Lockheed Martin and UC Davis collaboration shrinks interferometry approach to fit on photonic circuits.

25 Feb 16
Flir sensor powers first thermal imaging smart phone

On show at this week’s MWC, Flir’s Lepton thermal microcamera module is embedded in rugged Cat Phone.

18 Feb 16
Laser-assisted wound closure allows safer, cheaper oral surgery

European project aims to deliver protection against germs and faster recovery through biophotonic technique.

17 Feb 16
Latest Sentinel satellite reaches orbit

Next element in the Copernicus program blasts off successfully and prepares for work.

10 Feb 16
After Groundhog Day, the first femtos are bursting out

Punxsutawney Phil said spring would be early and femtosecond laser makers have not disappointed.

09 Feb 16
Mitsubishi air quality sensor detects dangerous particulates

Laser device with double-sided mirror measures density of tiny 'PM2.5' particles implicated in urban ill health.

02 Feb 16
Space data network deploys first laser terminal

First dedicated 'node' of the €500 million optical European Data Relay System launched from Kazakhstan.

02 Feb 16
Quantum dots land a lethal blow on superbugs

University of Colorado project suggests clinical phototherapy as a treatment for drug-resistant infections.

01 Feb 16
Printed micro-lasers combat pharma and other fraud

Invisible "Ilumink" photonic signatures protect authentic drugs and valuable goods against counterfeiters.

27 Jan 16
Trumpf UK announces new materials processing systems

Luton conference learns of new steel cutting machines, installations and market view.

21 Jan 16
Photonics PPP picks up the pace

Latest projects funded under the Photonics21 public-private partnership show the scope of the initiative's ambitions.

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