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27 Oct 17
Velodyne and YellowScan partner on drone lidar

UAV mapping company deploys lightweight 'Puck' sensors for aerial surveying applications.

25 Oct 17
Light L16 camera aims to beat DSLR performance

Camera leveraging advances in both optical components and systems technology ramps up production.

24 Oct 17
Pixium retinal implant approved for human trial

French regulatory authority allows feasibility study for treatment of advanced dry age-related macular degeneration.

23 Oct 17
Asteroid mission to test laser comms

NASA mission to probe nickel-iron asteroid 'Psyche' set for launch in 2022.

19 Oct 17
FIT invests heavily in laser 3D printing systems for metal parts

Specialist German manufacturer of components for aerospace, automotive is buying five EOS M 400-4 laser systems.

18 Oct 17
Teledyne e2v sensors to equip LSST telescope

SLAC is building this immense camera, which will record images covering an area 49 times that of a full moon.

16 Oct 17
Neutron-star fusion confirmed by LIGO and telescope teams

LIGO facilities and dozens of telescopes make first observation of both gravitational waves and light generated by same 'kilonova' cosmic source.

11 Oct 17
Lockheed Martin developing airborne anti-missile laser

Threats will be challenged by $9.4m laser beam demonstrator designed to fly on airborne platform.

11 Oct 17
GM buys compact lidar systems developer Strobe

To advance self-driving car development – “lidar accuracy will play a critical role in deployment.”

06 Oct 17
ESO plans 15-telescope array for gravitational-wave follow-up

Initial three-telescope array could be expanded to 15 interconnected facilities under ‘BlackGEM’ scheme.

04 Oct 17
Lockheed Martin completes first flexible solar array for satellite

Latest technology - for the LM 2100 orbiter - delivers 50% more power but is 30% lighter than previous space-dedicated arrays.

27 Sep 17
Toyota tests Luminar lidar

Toyota Research Institute deploys high-fidelity lidar system from the US startup in its groundbreaking 'Guardian' and 'Chauffeur' vehicles.

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