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05 Jul 21
Infrared gesture sensor detects wider range at greater distances

Maxim Integrated's optical sensor is 1/4 size and 1/10 cost than camera-based ToF systems for automotive applications.

05 Jul 21
Sense Photonics launches platform for mass-production Lidar...

...as Ouster partners with Danfoss to drive adoption of Lidar technologies.

02 Jul 21
Hamamatsu develops pulsed laser system delivering 250 joules

Designed for industry, laser-diode pumped source is claimed to offer “world’s highest pulse energy”.

01 Jul 21
Metamaterial supercells control multiple optical properties

Harvard SEAS foresees novel methods to engineer various optical devices.

30 Jun 21
Imaging robots assist emergency services after Florida tower disaster

Following condo collapse on June 24th, thermal imagers were rushed to site by camera supplier Teledyne FLIR.

30 Jun 21
Laser cooling takes the heat out of optical tweezers

University of Texas at Austin uses opto-refrigerative tweezers to minimise sample damage.

28 Jun 21
‘Highest-brightness’ green OLED microdisplay developed for AR screens

Kopin says its “world first” 35,000 nit source is designed for displays in defense, medical, and consumer apps.

23 Jun 21
German project enables automatic control of 100 lasers via the cloud

Fraunhofer ILT, RWTH Aachen develop data center to control and monitor industrial processing.

22 Jun 21
University of Washington turns still photos into videos

Deep-learning extrapolates movement from pixels of stationary image.

15 Jun 21
Arizona students to gain remote sensing experience with Labsphere mirror system

Field Line of sight Automated Radiance Exposure (FLARE) technique improves optical calibration for satellite and drone imaging.

15 Jun 21
Multi-spectral synthetic aperture sonar and 3D laser imager key to underwater AUV

Undersea cable inspection system developed by partnership of Dive Technologies and Kraken Robotics to start work later this year.

09 Jun 21
PACT creates in vivo 3D functional imaging of the brain

Latest advance from Caltech group demonstrates photoacoustic tomography as route to brain imaging.

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