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13 Jan 22
Wasatch Photonics and Nikalyte Partner to advance applications of SERS

Novel SERS substrate to detect materials, with apps in narcotics, food, bio, and environmental.

11 Jan 22
NIST upgrades instruments to calibrate US scales for light measurement

Precision devices measure properties of reflected and transmitted light, as references for U.S. metrology sector.

06 Jan 22
LiFi, color-changing cars and lidar light up CES 2022 in Vegas

Innovations from Kyocera, BMW and E Ink, Quanergy, and Innoviz, while Luminar and Volvo outline autonomous vehicle launch.

05 Jan 22
Lumentum hooks up with Hesai on auto lidar

Silicon Valley photonics firm and Chinese partner say volume shipments of VCSEL-based sensors will begin this year.

22 Dec 21
LineVision lidar monitors New York power lines

Sensors will assess the condition of lines and assist towards decarbonization goals.

16 Dec 21
US Navy fires laser weapon in Gulf of Aden

Capability of high-power demonstrator system tested on static target in Middle Eastern waters.

16 Dec 21
Dual-axis OCT imaging probes deeper under the skin

Duke University device tackles applications where scattering limits depth penetration.

15 Dec 21
Micledi creates microLED arrays for AR based on 300mm CMOS platform

Microdisplay firms’s latest product achieves highest brightness, resolution, and quality, with a low power module design.

08 Dec 21
UCSB two-photon microscope offers new views of brain activity

New platform enlarges field of view for improved imaging of neurons and their neighbors.

08 Dec 21
SiLC launches FMCW lidar for robot vision

‘Eyeonic’ sensor provides polarization intensity data, alongside depth and velocity; will debut at CES 2022 event.

07 Dec 21
NASA launches laser relay demo

Payload also includes ultraviolet coronagraph designed to explore new ways of forecasting space weather.

01 Dec 21
German team looks to photonics for faster virus diagnosis

Jena University Hospital coordinates new project focused on Covid-like respiratory infections.

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