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08 Mar 11
US Navy tests LED fixtures...to cut down noise

One sailor's request to replace humming fluorescent tubes with a quieter alternative will have the additional benefit of saving energy.

07 Mar 11
Bionic retina runs on laser power

Aiming for clinical trials in 2013, an Israeli start-up's neuron-stimulating synthetic retina is powered by spectacles featuring an infrared laser.

28 Feb 11
e2v detectors capture spectacular solar flare

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, featuring CCD components made by the UK company e2v, captures the ejection of a large solar flare.

22 Feb 11
High-energy lasers in line for budget increase

FY2012 budget requests from the US Department of Defense include substantial funding increases for free-electron and liquid lasers.

15 Feb 11
Optics drives mobile handset innovation

Lens arrays, pico projector engines, 3D technology and wafer-level cameras show that the handset industry is anything but commoditized when it comes to optics.

02 Feb 11
Sodium guide stars completed at Gemini

Ten years in the making, the five-point laser 'constellation' forms the key element in an adaptive optics system that will generate ultra-sharp astronomical images.

26 Jan 11
PW2011: cancer probe wins business challenge

Optical probe to detect lung cancer via a cheek swab wins five-day business sponsorship at a UC Davis academy for young entrepreneurs.

20 Jan 11
Concentrated PV shows Middle Eastern promise

System deployed in Jordan shows an average solar-to-grid efficiency of 21%, with other installations in the region also performing well.

12 Jan 11
Light Peak goes dark as Intel chooses copper

Despite the name, Intel’s first generation of Light Peak products will feature electronic rather than photonic connectivity.

07 Jan 11
DoD contracts: IR sensors to reduce friendly fire

Lockheed Martin to equip two Apache battalions with low-light sensors, while FLIR will provide the US Army with 36 SAFIRE night vision systems.

06 Jan 11
Laser projectors hit Consumer Electronics Show

MicroVision touts its mini-tablet prototype with an embedded laser projector, while start-up Soraa focuses on the benefits of its direct green emitters.

05 Jan 11
Hitachi touts solar air-con systems

Japanese industrial giant expecting to profit from sales of systems to the Mediterranean, Australia and other sunny parts of the world.

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