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12 Jan 11
Light Peak goes dark as Intel chooses copper

Despite the name, Intel’s first generation of Light Peak products will feature electronic rather than photonic connectivity.

07 Jan 11
DoD contracts: IR sensors to reduce friendly fire

Lockheed Martin to equip two Apache battalions with low-light sensors, while FLIR will provide the US Army with 36 SAFIRE night vision systems.

06 Jan 11
Laser projectors hit Consumer Electronics Show

MicroVision touts its mini-tablet prototype with an embedded laser projector, while start-up Soraa focuses on the benefits of its direct green emitters.

05 Jan 11
Hitachi touts solar air-con systems

Japanese industrial giant expecting to profit from sales of systems to the Mediterranean, Australia and other sunny parts of the world.

30 Dec 10
Kollmorgen wins $41M photonics mast contract

US Navy to equip eight Virginia-class submarines with photonics masts made by Kollmorgen, in a supply contract potentially worth $123 million.

20 Dec 10
Toshiba makes cryptography video breakthrough

Advances in photodetector technology enable a fast enough exchange of cryptography key for ultra-secure video conferencing.

13 Dec 10
OCT firm Tomophase gains FDA clearance

Optical method could be used to diagnose early-stage lung cancers with US company's novel approach to coherence tomography.

08 Dec 10
Laser altimeter optics have Special significance

New Jersey company Special Optics completes design of high-precision telescope that will help monitor changes in polar ice coverage.

08 Dec 10
Femtosecond lasers take aim at cataracts

With active developers on both sides of the Atlantic, the use of ultrafast pulses for cataract surgery has become a hot topic in ophthalmology.

01 Dec 10
Cascade deploys laser sniffer for airport security

Based on the UK company's quantum cascade laser technology, the spectroscopic scanner system detects explosive chemicals.

25 Nov 10
Diode laser welding improves solar heaters

Replacing flashlamp-pumped systems with high-power diodes will both save energy and provide better welds in solar thermal collectors used to heat water.

23 Nov 10
Spectrolab to mass-produce 39.2% efficient cells

Boeing subsidiary responds to growing competition and demand for commercial concentrated solar with updated triple-junction devices.

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