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07 Dec 11
Femtosecond eye surgery system gets EU approval

'VICTUS' platform, which performs both cataract and refractive procedures, set to ship by year-end.

02 Dec 11
B.E. Meyers wins non-lethal laser contract

US Army orders more than 12,500 of the Redmond, WA, firm's diverging green lasers for initial delivery, with more to follow.

29 Nov 11
Concentrated PV 'powers' UN climate conference

A 500kW Soitec installation will provide electricity to the United Nations' latest climate-change conference in Durban, South Africa.

24 Nov 11
DOE funds underwater laser inspection system

A $2M development led by Lockheed Martin will commercialize autonomous vehicle for inspecting deep-sea oil and gas infrastructure.

09 Nov 11
3D dental scanner wins VISION Award 2011

Winning Austrian development team and its partner expect to launch a commercial scanner next year.

26 Oct 11
Laser texturing yields solar efficiency boost

SiOnyx says that texturing with a picosecond-pulsed laser boosts silicon cell efficiency and improves production uniformity.

24 Oct 11
Cataract studies support femtosecond laser use

Two new studies detailed at the American Academy of Ophthalmology's annual meeting suggest a safer and more effective treatment.

18 Oct 11
Survey finds huge variation in LED lamp prices

IMS Research analysts say that the global average retail price of a 60W incandescent replacement is now $36 - but twice that in Germany.

17 Oct 11
Chipworks finds Sony image sensor in new iPhone

Japanese electronics giant is thought to be part of a dual-sourcing strategy in Apple's iPhone 4S.

13 Oct 11
Million-LED installation lights up China highways

High-brightness white LEDs made by US company Cree expected to reduce energy consumption by 60% compared with sodium lamps.

12 Oct 11
ITT, Northrop unveil QCL countermeasures

The two contractors, both working with cascade laser specialist Daylight Solutions, reveal their offerings for the US Army’s common IRCM program.

03 Oct 11
Giant ALMA radio telescope uses fiber laser clock

The largest telescope in the world – an array of giant radio antennae – incorporates a master clock based around a 1556nm laser system.

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