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14 Jun 12
Raman spectra reveal blood of the Iceman

Examination of tissues drawn from Otzi gives an insight into blood cell degradation over fifty centuries.

13 Jun 12
Lidar controls and optimizes wind turbine

“World first” claimed for nacelle-mounted system that measures wind, optimizes performance.

06 Jun 12
Lasers put mass on old bones

Lidar scanning of the skeleton followed by volumetric modeling gives a new estimate of the mass of a famous dinosaur.

01 Jun 12
Zeiss helps surgeons see blood flow

Fluorescence technique to interpret speed and direction of blood flow now incorporated into operating microscope.

30 May 12
Graetzel cells debut in iPad solar keyboards

Dye-sensitized photoelectric film manufactured by UK company G24 Innovations eliminates need for batteries or chargers.

30 May 12
Optasense signs "fracking" agreement with Shell

Fiber-monitoring system to observe hydraulic fracturing - better known as "fracking" - operations in oil and shale gas prospecting.

29 May 12
Infrared scans set to overcome breast cancer stigma

Thermal imaging used in tandem with other tests offers an alternative to mammography.

29 May 12
DoD contracts: funding for atom optics sensor

Mid-infrared imaging for UAVs, high-speed optical networks and laser-based airborne mine detection among the other activities funded.

23 May 12
3-Dimensional laser scanner boosts rail safety

Fraunhofer-developed system checks rail systems - at over 100km/h.

15 May 12
3D holographic imaging explores Egyptian mummy

Pioneering 3D visualisation technique reveals details of Egyptian mummy hidden for two millennia.

08 May 12
LEDs illuminate summer Euro contests

Solid-state lighting technology from Osram has been installed for the Euro 2012 football tournament and the Eurovision song contest.

02 May 12
Linear LED ‘revolutionizes’ retail, industrial lighting

Cree integrates high efficacy, advanced optics and architectural design, to challenge linear fluorescent technology.

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