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12 Aug 15
Optics+Photonics 2015: Intense focus on photovoltaics

Commercial and technical aspects of how to maximize returns from PV were under the microscope in San Diego.

11 Aug 15
American hub delivers hope for a competitive photonics sector

Core mission of AIM Photonics will be to serve DoD needs, but commercial benefits will emerge from a new economy of scale for integrated photonics.

10 Aug 15
Optics+Photonics 2015: Rosetta scientist fascinates with progress report

"Comet chaser" Artur Chmielewski, who helped land Philae on 67P, tells San Diego meeting about new plan to set orbiter down in 2016.

28 Jul 15
Joe Biden hails 'extraordinary potential' of photonics

US Vice President talks waveguides and quotes Bragg amid the fanfare of New York's country-spanning photonics innovation plan.

28 Jul 15
Optitec adapts to support photonics in south of France

Photonics cluster aims to be involved in entire value chain for companies across its region.

23 Jul 15
New York wins $220M photonics foundry race

US Department of Defense chooses Rochester-led consortium partnered by MIT and the University of Arizona.

21 Jul 15
New $100M alien search will hunt for laser transmissions

Stephen Hawking among a host of eminent scientists launching most comprehensive search for extra-terrestrial life ever undertaken.

16 Jul 15
Pluto close-up stuns NASA science team

Custom sensors from e2v technologies on board the New Horizons probe help capture extraordinary views of the dwarf planet.

09 Jul 15
M Squared Lasers wins IOP award for SolsTiS laser

Booming Glasgow laser developer recognized; other scanning and photonics UK firms also winners.

07 Jul 15
New submarine link between Europe and S America approved

Optical cable will improve data- and telecoms traffic between Brazil and Portugal, with direct links to continental networks.

01 Jul 15
European Commission signs up with China on remote sensing

Collaborative research deal emerges during wider EU-China summit held in Brussels.

24 Jun 15
Laser 2015: Swiss pair claim start-up awards

Startup World presents first photonic innovation and 3D printing awards to two Swiss firms: Nanolive and Femtoprint.

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