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22 Nov 23
AI enables new route to improving perovskite solar cells

Researchers from Karlsruhe, Helmholtz Imaging, and Cancer Research Center, Germany, use AI to optimize perovskite layers.

22 Nov 23
Multimode optical fiber can boost fiber laser power by up to nine times

Australian-US team says wavefront-shaping of input light lifts power threshold for SBS scattering by an order of magnitude.

22 Nov 23
ICFO and Vitala Technologies collaborate on metabolic imaging

Technique could yield new information about cancer and cardiovascular disease.

20 Nov 23
Pulse compression by density gradient plasma yields exawatt to zettawatt lasers

Strathclyde, UK, and UNIST and GIST (Korea) researchers use plasma gradient to force photons to “bunch up”.

16 Nov 23
Gulbenkian group claims microscopy advance ‘beyond conventional resolution’

Enhanced Super-Resolution Radial Fluctuations improves on live-cell imaging, with unparalleled clarity.

16 Nov 23
Deep learning and photoacoustics lead to safer heart surgery procedures

Researchers at Johns Hopkins develop method to pinpoint the positioning of cardiac catheters.

14 Nov 23
Caltech laser points to novel combs and sensors

Mode-locked nanophotonic device marks important step towards new integrated systems.

06 Nov 23
NTU Singapore develops new way to produce intense, ultrafast lasers

Source is promising route to precise detectors of trace pollutants, hazardous gases.

06 Nov 23
Ascent Solar develops CIGS solar module for space with 17.55% efficiency

Latest Titan design following recent “record” conversion ramp announcements.

01 Nov 23
Korean researchers develop practical dual metalens

Switching between shooting modes based on light conditions will suit smart phones,VR/AR devices, and lidar systems.

01 Nov 23
Zhejiang researchers obtain clear holographic images amid turbulence

Innovative transformer approach eliminates image degradation caused by arbitrary disturbance.

27 Oct 23
Renewed support for high power laser facilities at SLAC

LaserNetUS funding will allow scientists to benefit from Linac Coherent Light Source.

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