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16 Jun 21
Single-particle research promises ‘new generation’ of displays

University of Tsukuba researchers have tested light-emission hypothesis at molecular level, with multiple optical applications.

15 Jun 21
Quantum correlation offers clearer view of cell structures

University of Queensland exploits quantum entanglement for uses in Raman microscopy and beyond.

14 Jun 21
Ottawa researchers develop ‘barrel-eliminating’ optical element

The “spaceplate” is a new approach to manipulating light that could lead to paper-thin cameras, telescopes, and smart phones.

14 Jun 21
Fraunhofer ISE and Netherlands AMOLF institute work on metamaterials applications

International “MEEt” project aiming to adapt novel materials for solar cells, LEDs, optical sensors, and production techniques.

10 Jun 21
Laser-based project to improve human lens refilling after cataract treament

LZH working within a new research project with Rowiak GmbH to advance refinement method.

09 Jun 21
Project T-KOS to develop terahertz technologies for communications and sensor markets

Partners in year-long project include Research Fab Microelectronics Germany and several Fraunhofer institutes.

08 Jun 21
imec collaboration integrates InP lasers with silicon photonics

Precision alignment with large-scale wafers to be offered as a prototyping service later this year.

08 Jun 21
Toshiba team extends quantum link range past 600km

Dual-band optical stabilization technique cancels out temperature effects that have limited the utility of quantum key distribution.

08 Jun 21
Holograms increase solar cell energy yield

University of Arizona-developed holographic light collector boosts panel efficiency by 5% over a year.

02 Jun 21
Photosynthesis within the brain offers route to stroke recovery

Huazhong University project applies near-IR to nanoparticles and algae for oxygen generation.

02 Jun 21
EC names EuroQCI consortium members to plan quantum communication network...

...as Netherlands partners sign up for new Photonic Integration Technology Center in Eindhoven and Twente.

02 Jun 21
ETH Zurich develops new route to deep brain imaging

Diffuse optical localization imaging allows microangiography without invasive surgery.

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