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25 Apr 23
Making e-cars with green lasers: research confirms sustainability

Collaboration of Trumpf, Fraunhofer-ILT & DESY yields positive laser-welding insights.

21 Apr 23
Dichalcogenide film could double solar conversion efficiency

Colorado’s molybdenum disulfide cell overcomes thermal loss problem of silicon devices.

19 Apr 23
Hannover Messe 2023: KIT presents inkjet-printed optical components

Researchers explain how components can be manufactured energy-efficiently.

19 Apr 23
TUM improves accuracy of cardiovascular imaging

Using a guidewire as reference point compensates for fluctuating fluorescence.

13 Apr 23
Harvard SEAS develops new way to create holograms

Capasso Laboratory is using threads of light layered in 2D sheets of controlled light arrays.

12 Apr 23
EPFL monitors single-cell secretions in real-time

Technique using plasmon resonance could show details of immune response and cancers.

12 Apr 23
Deep learning model estimates cancer risk from breast density

Mammographic density estimates based on the visual scores of radiologists.

12 Apr 23
NIST develops chip-scale devices to manipulate multiple beams of laser light

Controlled properties include wavelength, focus, direction, and polarization; with apps in novel quantum devices.

12 Apr 23
Frequency comb-based Breathalyzer accurately detects Covid-19

NIST-JILA’s comb technology could also detect other diseases, such as COPD, lung cancer, and kidney failure.

12 Apr 23
Ultrahigh-density holographic projection offers better 3D images

USTC approach exploits scattering to improve realism.

11 Apr 23
Fraunhofer IOSB and Lufthansa assess airplane wings in midair

Performing flow analyses with 3D models to optimize aerodynamics.

06 Apr 23
Aalto University creates photonic ‘time crystals’ that amplify light

Findings promise “more efficient wireless communications and significantly improved lasers”.

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