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18 Jan 23
INRS project enhances single-pixel imaging

Swept scanning approach achieves faster frame rates to capture rapid movements.

16 Jan 23
Novel integrated photonic circuits could close ‘terahertz gap’

EPFL, ETHZ and Harvard team develops new thin-film circuit that creates THz laser waves.

16 Jan 23
Hamamatsu laser produces 100J pulses at high repetition rate of 10Hz

Described by the company as a “milestone to help move toward the goal of laser fusion.”

11 Jan 23
Novel optical fiber uses topology approach to remain robust

Development by University of Bath physicists should protect data communications, even when fiber is twisted or bent.

11 Jan 23
LZH expands test methods to modern high-performance optics with partners

With Laseroptik and Raylase to adapt testing for optics to modern high-power components.

11 Jan 23
New views of cerebral blood flow from near-IR spectroscopy

Poland's ICTER uses parallel interferometry to monitor prefrontal cortex.

10 Jan 23
European consortium launches €19M infrared sensor project

'HEROIC' effort coordinated by Lynred aims to achieve European sovereignty for military applications.

05 Jan 23
Columbia develops ‘fingertip-sized’ lasers emitting from near-UV to near-IR

Developers describe it as “a significant miniaturization advance for quantum optics and laser displays for AR/VR”.

05 Jan 23
Carnegie Mellon enhances expansion microscopy to see cells and structures

Experimental strategy overcomes longtanding challenges of expansion technique and improves resolution.

04 Jan 23
NIST and US Oceanic Administration upgrade ocean optical sensor

“MOBY-Refresh” will enable more precise undersea measurements of sunlight’s wavelengths for environmental monitoring.

03 Jan 23
ICFO images chirality at ultrafast speeds

Laser pulses could help to reveal details of molecular dynamics.

03 Jan 23
CELIA researchers laser-drill long, crack-free micro-holes in glass

Bordeaux team employs femtosecond laser in gigahertz-burst mode; potential benefits for electronics.

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