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16 Aug 22
UCLA 3D camera mimics a fly's multiview vision

Computational image processing reveals obscured objects, could assist automotive and medical uses.

11 Aug 22
Mynaric selected for DARPA laser space-comms project

Munich-based, Nasdaq-listed firm is focused on laser communications for air / space / mobile applications.

11 Aug 22
LZH develops customized dental implants in a new DFG research group

Laser additive manufacturing enabling more durable, better-fitting false teeth.

10 Aug 22
Fiber-optic sensor from spider silk points to new point-of-care diagnostics

NYCU Taiwan project uses material's light-guiding properties to detect sugar concentrations.

09 Aug 22
Chip-based beam steering device promises smaller, cheaper lidar

TU Denmark-developed device cuts aliasing, achieving sharp beam steering over large field of view.

04 Aug 22
US team 3D-prints ‘nanostructured, high-entropy’ alloys

Such ultrastrong and ductile high-performance materials have applications in aerospace, medical industries.

04 Aug 22
MIT adapts C19th photo technique to make stretchy, color-changing films

Technique opens route to pressure-monitoring bandages, shade-shifting fabrics, and touch-sensing robots.

02 Aug 22
UK researchers using photonics to cut pesticide use for crop protection

Sensor being developed at Aston and Harper-Adams universities optically analyzes plant VOC emissions.

28 Jul 22
LZH investigates components made of natural fibers

To enhance sustainability in 3D laser printing for architectural components and more.

28 Jul 22
US researchers work on improving image sensors for machine vision

Academic-commercial partnership highlights nano-components most likely to create impact in imaging.

27 Jul 22
NIST flow cytometry counts cells with certainty

Waveguides controlling emitted light play a part in increased measurement accuracy.

27 Jul 22
Columbia’s Covid-19 photonic test performs PCR faster than conventional systems

Photothermal process-based system co-developed with Rover Diagnostics, biotech start-up spun out of Columbia.

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