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21 Dec 22
NIST and AIM Photonics to co-develop high frequency O/E chips

To enable new chip designs for high-speed optical communications, military and medical applications.

21 Dec 22
Korea University develops all-optical method to drive nanolaser arrays

Promising chip-based communications that process data faster than electronic-based devices.

15 Dec 22
ICFO researchers present high-power light source transmitting across seven octaves

Tabletop source spans UV-THz wavelengths and is five times brighter than most powerful synchrotrons.

13 Dec 22
Thales and Marvel Fusion to upgrade Romanian ELI-NP source

Partners will upgrade laser system to research nuclear fusion as a future new energy source.

12 Dec 22
Johns Hopkins light-sheet technique offers detailed 3D images

Oblique plane microscopy improves axial resolution over existing methods.

08 Dec 22
Food safety test uses quantum mechanical effects

In project QSPEC, LZH, Toptica, and partners developing rapid check on ingredients, origin.

06 Dec 22
Laser light stimulates a good memory

Birmingham and Beijing project uses photobiomodulation to influence cognitive performance.

05 Dec 22
Stanford says its chip-scale laser isolator ‘could transform photonics’

Fabricated by established manufacturing processes, ring-shaped device is made of silicon nitride.

02 Dec 22
EPFL develops silicon PICs with new form of light amplification

“Traveling-wave amplifier” can boost optical signals in lidar, sub-sea fiber links, and data centers.

01 Dec 22
Heriot-Watt team improves robustness of quantum communications...

...and ICFO group transports two-photon quantum states over specially-adapted optical fiber.

30 Nov 22
U Penn develops optical method to detect O2 use in brain

To obtain a detailed picture of cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption.

30 Nov 22
Femtosecond spectroscopy points to laser-tuned photosynthesis

Lund University images photosynthesis dynamics to show how gas emissions might be controlled.

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