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13 Jun 22
Which UV wavelengths best disinfect Covid-19?

US labs NIST and DHS conduct thorough tests to show how different wavelengths interact with virus.

09 Jun 22
Sponge-like solar cells could be basis for better pacemakers

University of Chicago invents new way to make a solar cell by etching holes in top layer to make it porous.

08 Jun 22
Laser threshold magnetometry promises sensitive magnetic sensors

Fraunhofer project achieves first measurement of magnetic-field-dependent stimulated emission.

07 Jun 22
UK researchers run ‘mass-manufacturable’ sensors at quantum limit

Photonic method heralds applications like monitoring greenhouse gases and cancer detection.

06 Jun 22
Munich partnership controls light pulses in MIR range

Development offers potential to boost reliability of medical diagnostics using infrared lasers.

06 Jun 22
Western Australia ‘breakthrough’ towards gravitational wave detection

University group is using metasurface sensor to measure tell-tale laser eigenmodes.

01 Jun 22
Japan’s NICT transmits 1 petabit/s in standard multi-core optical fiber...

...while Airguide Photonics hollow-core fiber development achieves “record-low” propagation losses.

01 Jun 22
MIT detects fluorescence in deep locations

Frequency filtering technique allows strong signals to be received from inaccessible places.

01 Jun 22
Mitsubishi claims breakthrough for laser communication in space

Japanese industrial technology giant says it has developed the first terminal to combine communication with spatial acquisition.

31 May 22
Fraunhofer ISE develops solar cell with 47.6% efficiency

“Most efficient” conversion technology features new antireflection coating that boosts 4-junction cell performance.

31 May 22
Hamamatsu boosts spatial resolution of 2-photon fluorescence microscopy

Application is suited to precise observations of deep regions in biological samples.

31 May 22
Georgia Tech sees new details in organoids

Microscopy platform creates 3D representation of key research tool with a single camera image.

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