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02 Mar 22
Laser-induced shock waves spot flaws in concrete

Shibaura Institute of Technology method offers rapid non-destructive assessment.

01 Mar 22
AIM Photonics' rapid Covid test backed with pandemic rescue funding

US development hub wins support for production of photonics-based sensors to detect coronavirus and other pathogens.

24 Feb 22
NIST scientists boost frequency range of miniature optical comb

Chip source promises applications such as better detection of greenhouse gases and enhanced global navigation.

22 Feb 22
Tunable metalens offers route to portable medical diagnostics

Sintef lens uses piezoelectric thin film to change focal length.

18 Feb 22
CUbit Quantum Initiative welcomes first four strategic industry allies

Colorado Boulder-led CUbit Quantum Initiative joined by SPIE, Atom Computing, ColdQuanta, and Meadowlark Optics.

17 Feb 22
Graphene and intense laser irradiation promising ‘ion acceleration’

Osaka University-led research team achieves laser-generated energetic ions.

17 Feb 22
LZH innovates joining of large area thermoplastics by multifocal laser optics

Novel type of welding head enables thermoplastic-thermoplastic and to metal welding.

17 Feb 22
Photonics21 reports on group research to identify priorities for Horizon Europe

Preliminary list of project proposals based on inputs from 1,500 European photonics experts at 10 virtual meetings held in 2021.

16 Feb 22
Researchers use ‘disorder inorganic nanocrystals’ to set new ultrathin solar cell record

Team from ICFO, UCL, and Imperial (London) say that AgBiS2 nanocrystals are emerging as “star players” for low-cost PV.

16 Feb 22
National Robotarium develops optics-assisted robotic surgery

Funding from EPSRC will support research into assessing tumor margins.

15 Feb 22
European project looks to 'reinvent' lithium niobate for photonics

ELENA effort working towards enhanced performance for PICs, lidar, and quantum applications.

15 Feb 22
New SESAM design solves mid-IR bottleneck

Shanghai Jiao Tong University project paves the way for improved ultrafast mode-locked lasers.

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