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16 Jun 23
Israeli researchers resolve temperature effects on PV device performance

Combined thermoradiative and thermo photonic cells are more efficient in converting sunlight to electricity.

15 Jun 23
€6M EU project developing hyperspectral sensors for quality control

“MULTIPLE” unveils multi-modal monitoring solution for enhanced industrial quality control.

15 Jun 23
Space exploration firm takes laser lab to the ocean floor

Impossible Sensing and academic research partners have launched the InVADER Mission’s laser divebot.

14 Jun 23
Photonics helps bioprinting translate to clinical use

Utrecht team addresses three significant hurdles facing biofabrication methods.

14 Jun 23
X-FAB leads €48M silicon photonics effort

European chip foundry sees 'huge potential' in commercialization project also featuring Nokia, Nvidia, and imec.

13 Jun 23
Ultrafast camera gives new view of molecular dynamics

Japan project boosts time resolution to investigate details of cancer metastasis.

08 Jun 23
Revolutionizing optical control with topological edge states

Wuhan and Huazhong researchers harness the robustness of topological edge states to manipulate light transport in nanophotonics.

07 Jun 23
Novel 3D glass printing method works without sintering

Low-temperature process developed at KIT delivers a variety of high-resolution optics products.

07 Jun 23
Optical memristors set to make impact in computing and AI

University of Pittsburgh survey indicates how the technology can reach its full potential.

06 Jun 23
EPFL spin-off Nanolive develops microscope that inspects live cells

Company has just opened office in Boston, MA, US, with the aim of going public.

01 Jun 23
Photonics research project targets wind turbine efficiency

Royal Academy of Engineering grant to fund Aston's development of method to optically monitor blades.

31 May 23
ICFO nanosensor improves biomolecule detection

Hybrid gold and aluminum structures maintain sensitivity in the presence of background signals.

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