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12 Apr 23
Frequency comb-based Breathalyzer accurately detects Covid-19

NIST-JILA’s comb technology could also detect other diseases, such as COPD, lung cancer, and kidney failure.

12 Apr 23
Ultrahigh-density holographic projection offers better 3D images

USTC approach exploits scattering to improve realism.

11 Apr 23
Fraunhofer IOSB and Lufthansa assess airplane wings in midair

Performing flow analyses with 3D models to optimize aerodynamics.

06 Apr 23
Aalto University creates photonic ‘time crystals’ that amplify light

Findings promise “more efficient wireless communications and significantly improved lasers”.

05 Apr 23
ORC’s Silicon Photonics group boosts performance of electro-optical modulators

Improved absorption during plasma-dispersion pushes modulators to perform better.

04 Apr 23
University of Zurich objective offers versatile imaging of tissues

Design based on Schmidt telescopes and the eyes of scallops could enhance several microscopy techniques.

29 Mar 23
NIST improves chip-scale color conversion lasers to enable new quantum devices

Efficiency and power output at two wavelengths boosted while still using the same input.

27 Mar 23
Jena’s development of compact high-power EUV source wins Hugo Geiger Award

Full EUV power at “laboratory scale” achieved by Robert Klas from Friedrich Schiller University.

23 Mar 23
Researchers solve longstanding laser-metal 3D printing problem

NIST and KTH (Sweden) use particle accelerator analysis of steel melt yields to better understand laser AM process.

22 Mar 23
UCL uses short-wave IR imaging to identify tumors

Platform combining NIR and SWIR could be used for fluorescence-guided neuroblastoma surgery.

22 Mar 23
Lancaster University 3D-printing integrates electronics into living tissues

Multiphoton fabrication method could produce printable bioelectronics or interfaces.

21 Mar 23
Dynamically steering light pulses from incoherent sources

Sandia Labs “breakthrough” enables LEDs or bulbs to replace lasers for holograms, sensing, ADAS and communications.

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