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14 Dec 23
Stuttgart researchers create hybrid laser by 3D-printing optics on fibers

Polymer-based micro-optics can withstand the power levels in a laser.

13 Dec 23
Belgian team cuts thermal impact of stacking opto-electronic chips

KU Leuven and imec say wider spacing between µbumps and photonic device reduces heat problem of 3D integration.

12 Dec 23
imec presents new way to render colors with sub-micron pixel sizes

Developers say approach “revolutionizes” camera performance.

05 Dec 23
Doughnut-shaped laser beams help physicists see tiny objects

Colorado researchers use new method to view items not visible by regular microscopy.

05 Dec 23
Retina imaging spots signs of traumatic brain injury

University of Birmingham EyeD device combines Raman spectroscopy and fundus imaging.

04 Dec 23
University of Sydney develops ‘Lego-like’ electro-optical chip architecture

Integrating electronics with photonics has applications in satellites, wireless, and 6G telecoms.

04 Dec 23
Dynamic liquid crystal lens research improves imaging quality

Taiwan’s Yang Ming Chiao Tung team solves problem of haze in VR and other applications.

30 Nov 23
Italian-led group creates photonic source for best beamshape for wireless networks

Milan, Glasgow, and Stanford university partners design chips to optimize light profile “for any environment.”

29 Nov 23
MIT observes multiple fluorescence signals from the same living cell

Temporal multiplex method tracks different emitters to image cellular responses.

29 Nov 23
Northern Arizona University monitors biodiversity in US with space lidar

NASA’s ISS-borne GEDI laser mapping 3D structure of forests to determine biodiversity.

28 Nov 23
Texas compact accelerator achieves ‘major energy milestone’

University of Texas, Tau Systems, and partners demo compact particle accelerator yielding 10 GeV e-beam.

23 Nov 23
NIF achieves record laser energy

2.2MJ were delivered and 3.4MJ yielded in latest ignition experiment, at the end of October.

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