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13 May 19
Huge hybrid mirror arrives at mountain summit

8.4 m-diameter optical component combines primary and tertiary mirror functions for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

08 May 19
Corning ready to ramp production of high-index waveguides

Glass manufacturer introduces 300 mm-diameter wafer format that should help reduce cost of high-performance augmented reality glasses.

29 Apr 19
Quantum tech rises up the agenda at LASER World of Photonics

June event in Munich will feature presentation by Anton Zeilinger alongside application panels and numerous exhibitors offering quantum expertise.

23 Apr 19
Tesla touts lidar-free autonomy

Elon Musk dismisses lidar technology as 'lame' at electric car maker’s autonomy event specially arranged for investors.

18 Apr 19
Scottish Optoelectronics Association rebrands as Photonics Scotland...

...and publishes strategic paper Photonics in Scotland: A Vision for 2030, with aim of trebling its "billion pound" value.

17 Apr 19
DCS 2019: Thermal cameras boost autonomous car sensing

Camera giant FLIR uses Baltimore expo to showcase latest generation of thermal kit designed for auto-safety systems.

17 Apr 19
Survey reveals harassment at photonics events

A quarter of women who responded to study jointly commissioned by SPIE and OSA reported harassment at meetings.

17 Apr 19
DCS 2019: Saving soldiers using clinical VR

There is a “mountain of research evidence” that VR can be as good as, or better than, traditional human-delivered therapy.

17 Apr 19
DCS 2019: The art of Mosaic Warfare

Agile approach lets military “think small and very fast,” says DARPA director Tim Grayson at DCS plenary.

16 Apr 19
DCS 2019: New army tool for battle: disruptive tech

Technological disruption within military research is vital, says ARL director Philip Perconti.

16 Apr 19
DCS 2019: Spotlight on emerging quantum sector

Conference opener hears "quantum applications will enable things we just cannot do today.”

10 Apr 19
NASA demonstrates inter-CubeSat laser comms

A tiny NASA satellite has used a laser to send information 2400km through space to the ISARA CubeSat.

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