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27 Sep 13
ChemCam laser finds Martian water

Very first shot on the red planet showed spectroscopic evidence of hydrogen presence.

24 Sep 13
US National Photonics Initiative spreads the word

Nationwide events aim to promote technology to politicians and beyond.

23 Sep 13
Prism Awards deadline extended to 11 October

Photonics-based innovations for all industry and applications to be recognized in annual competition.

04 Sep 13
Alferov and Andreev recognized for solar work

Pair to be presented with 2013 Karl Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit.

03 Sep 13
570 megapixel camera begins dark energy hunt

Fermilab-built instrument begins its search for the mysterious material whose existence is used to explain the expansion of the universe.

28 Aug 13
California utility eyes smart grid to handle growing PV load

Proliferation of intermittent renewable energy sources poses challenges for San Diego Gas & Electric.

27 Aug 13
Switzerland tops photonics salary poll again

But latest survey highlights growing expectations of workers in the low-income regions of Asia.

27 Aug 13
Asteroid-zapping lasers step out of science fiction

Santa Barbara professor Philip Lubin and the 'DE-STAR' project.

27 Aug 13
Kepler: the search goes on

Hunt for exoplanets continues as SETI’s Jon Jenkins seeks a new purpose for the faulty but 'exquisite' telescope.

19 Aug 13
Engineering fellowships for young UK photonics researchers

Work on short-pulse visible lasers and light-harvesting materials win Royal Academy backing.

13 Aug 13
High performance telescope reveals nearest galaxy

Japan-based Hyper Suprime Cam captures M31 - similar structure to Milky Way.

07 Aug 13
High-speed laser comms set for space mission

A novel, advanced infrared laser system offers significantly faster data speeds through space.

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