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15 Dec 21
Micledi creates microLED arrays for AR based on 300mm CMOS platform

Microdisplay firms’s latest product achieves highest brightness, resolution, and quality, with a low power module design.

08 Dec 21
UCSB two-photon microscope offers new views of brain activity

New platform enlarges field of view for improved imaging of neurons and their neighbors.

08 Dec 21
SiLC launches FMCW lidar for robot vision

‘Eyeonic’ sensor provides polarization intensity data, alongside depth and velocity; will debut at CES 2022 event.

07 Dec 21
NASA launches laser relay demo

Payload also includes ultraviolet coronagraph designed to explore new ways of forecasting space weather.

01 Dec 21
German team looks to photonics for faster virus diagnosis

Jena University Hospital coordinates new project focused on Covid-like respiratory infections.

01 Dec 21
Researchers at KIT make 3D laser nanoprinters more compact, cheaper

3D Matter Made to Order cluster shows how 3D nanostructures can be more economically printed by desktop devices.

26 Nov 21
Trumpf's VCSEL heating system accelerates Li-ion battery production

Greater sustainability in e-car battery manufacturing enabled by compact VCSEL heating modules.

24 Nov 21
Valeo targets autonomous vehicles with lidar upgrade

Third-generation system from French car parts giant said to improve range and resolution dramatically.

18 Nov 21
Lumentum claims ‘breakthrough’ in multi-junction addressable VCSEL arrays...

...while Lumileds launches first road-legal H4-LED for vehicle headlights in Germany.

17 Nov 21
IMDEA Networks Institute launches ‘Passive Li-Fi’

Battery-free and solar-powered system uses Li-Fi technology to transmit RF backscatter for “smart” devices and more.

17 Nov 21
Zeiss and EOS developing in-process monitoring for metal powder bed printing

Objective is to develop and market a monitoring system for 3D printing, based on automated neuronal network.

12 Nov 21
Inscopix platform images neural behavior in free-moving rodents

Dual-color imaging from head-mounted device expands range of live-animal applications.

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