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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

October 2003

Business briefs 31 Oct 03

Including news from Corning, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Rockwell Collins, MEMSCAP and more.

Laser scanner finds mystery carvings 31 Oct 03

Technology commonly used for computer-aided engineering is revolutionizing archaeology.

Surfaces and supports keep experiments level 31 Oct 03

Unwanted vibrations can misalign optics and cause images to blur. Jacqueline Hewett discovers how optical tables and vibration isolation systems can solve the problem.

Liquid lenses eye commercial breakthrough 31 Oct 03

Following a recent cash injection of €2 m, French start-up Varioptic is building a pilot line capable of producing tens of thousands of liquid lenses with a tunable focal length. Michael Hatcher follows the path to commercialization.

Sales soar at dental laser specialist 31 Oct 03

As dentists begin to adopt laser techniques as an alternative to conventional drills, a small Californian firm is reaping the benefits. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to Jeffery Jones, the man at the helm of dental laser pioneer Biolase, about the company's plans.

Financial focus 30 Oct 03

A selection of the latest financial results from GSI Lumonics, Bookham Technology, Newport, Coreco and more.

Holey fibers get liquid crystal boost 29 Oct 03

Photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystals create a high-performance optical switch.

Terahertz rays track down drugs 28 Oct 03

Drug smuggling may become much harder in the future thanks to a terahertz imaging system being developed in Japan.

Patent highlights 28 Oct 03

The pick of this week’s patent applications including an interferometer that uses a VCSEL as a reference source.

Business briefs 24 Oct 03

Including news from FLIR Systems, Lumileds, WaveLight Laser Technologie and more.

Financial focus 24 Oct 03

A selection of the latest financial results from Lucent Technologies, JDS Uniphase, Corning and more.

Dutch solar car sets record pace 24 Oct 03

Nuna II has won the World Solar Challenge in record time, living up to all expectations.

Lasers reveal the secret of bird flight 22 Oct 03

Particle imaging velocimetry reveals how birds produce enough lift to support their body weight in flight.

Patent highlights 21 Oct 03

The pick of this week’s patent applications including an extreme ultraviolet light source.

Lumenis unveils restructuring plan 21 Oct 03

Lumenis, the Israeli maker of medical lasers, is axing 300 jobs and closing four sites.

Schott: calcium fluoride can support needs of lithography 17 Oct 03

We recently reported Intel's decision to skip 157 nm lithography and focus on enhanced 193 nm and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology instead. In this article, the leading maker of 157 nm optical materials, Schott Lithotec, responds to accusations that calcium fluoride lenses will not be ready for chip production using the 45 nm node in 2007.

Business briefs 17 Oct 03

Including news from Cree, Osram Opto Semiconductors, DALSA and more.

Solar cars power across the outback 16 Oct 03

Twenty three solar-powered cars will begin the World Solar Challenge across Australia on Sunday.

Fluorescence sizes up coatings 15 Oct 03

A fluorescence detection technique promises precise in-line measurement of coatings.

Laser keeps lightweight plane aloft 15 Oct 03

NASA says it has demonstrated the first laser-powered aircraft.

Optical DSP makes commercial debut 14 Oct 03

This week, an Israeli firm is unveiling what it says is the world’s first commercially available optical digital signal processor.

Patent highlights 13 Oct 03

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a method for measuring the eye’s internal pressure.

Business briefs 10 Oct 03

Including news from Nichia, Alfalight, Strategies Unlimited, Quantel and more.

Blue fiber laser targets life sciences 09 Oct 03

A visible fiber laser emitting 10 mW at 491 nm will be on sale by the end of the year.

Ear of corn makes ten compact discs 09 Oct 03

Sanyo makes the world’s first commercial biodegradable optical disc – with material derived from the cornfield.

Patent highlights 08 Oct 03

The pick of this week’s patent applications includes an analytical system based on breakdown spectroscopy.

Silica chips produce light continuum 06 Oct 03

UK-based start-up Mesophotonics says that its chips beat microstructured fiber when it comes to producing white light.

Business briefs 03 Oct 03

Including news from Cree, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Philips Electronics, Pirelli and Schott Lithotec.

Wavefront coding keeps a focus on applications 03 Oct 03

Wavefront coding can generate crisp images of scenes that would otherwise appear blurred. Rob van den Berg reports on how the technology is benefiting everything from microscopes and endoscopes to machine-vision systems and cameras in mobile phones.

Buyer's Guide: Computer cards help grab the perfect image 03 Oct 03

It may be hidden deep inside your computer, but a good frame grabber is crucial if you want to perform high-quality scientific imaging. Oliver Graydon offers the low-down on this vital piece of electronics that enables high-speed image transfer from cameras.

EUV sources shape up for competition 03 Oct 03

Extreme-ultraviolet sources look to have secured the key role in next-generation lithography, and are scheduled for use in full-scale microchip production by the end of the decade. Michael Hatcher reports on recent progress.

Acquisitions expand laser giant's portfolio 03 Oct 03

Coherent is a company on the move. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to John Ambroseo, the firm's chief executive officer, about recent acquisitions and current market trends.

Blue laser 'meets disc specifications' 02 Oct 03

Toshiba says that its 200 mW blue diode laser is good enough for the next generation of optical data storage systems.

Simple method stamps organic lasers 01 Oct 03

Researchers unveil an organic distributed feedback laser fabricated using a simple printing process.

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