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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

January 2004

Thin films give optical components a boost 30 Jan 04

Thin-film coatings can be essential to obtaining the desired performance from an optical component. Stuart Allan describes the types available and provides purchasing advice.

Low-loss nanowires create a wealth of applications 30 Jan 04

Optical sensors, integrated circuits and photonic devices are just some of the applications set to benefit from nanowires made out of glass. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to the researchers pioneering the development of these ultra-fine fibres.

Innovative optics targets next-generation telecoms 30 Jan 04

Despite the telecoms downturn there is still plenty of innovation emerging from the R&D labs. Steve Ferguson of Marconi Communications examines 10 optical technologies.

Fibre-sensor specialist breaks the price barrier 30 Jan 04

A UK start-up has a cunning plan to make fibre-optic sensors a commodity item that sell in their thousands. Oliver Graydon visited Insensys in Southampton to find out more.

Business briefs 30 Jan 04

Including news from Finisar, Cymer, Lucent, SPI and Corning among others.

Photonics West in pictures 30 Jan 04

A selection of some of the unusual and entertaining sights at this year's event.

Photonics West: Thursday 30 Jan 04

The US military’s research arm talks about its activities in photonics.

Photonics West: Wednesday 29 Jan 04

Here’s our pick of the most exciting new products to make their debut at this year’s show.

Photonics West: Tuesday (2) 28 Jan 04

Spectra-Physics has signed a global marketing and distribution deal with UK fiber laser manufacturer SPI.

Photonics West: Tuesday (1) 27 Jan 04

Jacqueline Hewett reports from a packed conference session on diode lasers.

Photonics West: Monday 23 Jan 04

Low noise fiber lasers which help to measure wind at airports go on show at Photonics West.

Smart optics: time to think big? 23 Jan 04

Optical technologies are gradually finding their way into hospitals and helping clinicians make better diagnoses. Joe McEntee reports from the recent Smart Biomedical Optics Forum in Cambridge, UK, on the role of photonics in medicine.

Business briefs 23 Jan 04

Including news from Coherent, Kodak, Lumenis, Photonic Products and more.

Quantum dots offer secure solutions 23 Jan 04

Tiny light-emitting crystals with unique emission signatures could protect personal documents from counterfeiting.

Organic electrode brightens OLEDs 22 Jan 04

A new material for connecting organic light emitting diodes together could lead to brighter displays.

Patent highlights 22 Jan 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including an optical device that monitors the tread depth of car tyres.

Sharp shows blue diode grown by MBE 19 Jan 04

UK-based Sharp Laboratories of Europe has made the first blue-violet laser diodes to be grown using MBE.

Business briefs 16 Jan 04

Including news from Cree, Kyocera, Toshiba, FLIR Systems and more.

Funding round-up 16 Jan 04

Firms specializing in terahertz imaging and high-brightness LEDs are amongst this week’s lucky recipients of venture capital funding.

Rohm ramps up red laser power 16 Jan 04

Rohm is set to produce 500 000 high-output lasers per month for high-speed DVD recorders from April.

Laser heating detects cracks 14 Jan 04

French technology could benefit nuclear, automotive and aerospace industries.

Disk laser challenges orange emitters 14 Jan 04

A semiconductor disk laser that emits 610 nm could replace traditional sources of orange light.

Patent highlights 13 Jan 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a white LED based on zinc selenide.

Good design drives diode performance 12 Jan 04

If you plan to buy a laser diode driver, make sure you check the specifications with care. Martin Lawrence believes that manufacturers could learn a lot from the hi-fi community.

Photonics to revolutionize the world 12 Jan 04

To mark the new year Opto & Laser Europe takes a look at three revolutionary optical technologies that are likely to have a profound impact on society when they become commercially available.

Illuminated materials bend, curl and move 12 Jan 04

Materials that bend, curl up or contract on exposure to light might sound far-fetched, but that is exactly what many scientists are busy trying to develop. Rob van den Berg describes the science and applications of optical actuation.

Infrared cameras head towards the consumer 12 Jan 04

As their popularity grows, infrared cameras are tackling more applications than ever before. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to Earl Lewis, president of US infrared imaging specialist FLIR Systems, about future markets.

HB-LEDs: the market drive towards solid-state lighting 09 Jan 04

Growth in the high-brightness LED market will be fueled increasingly by illumination applications over the next five years as the price/performance characteristics of devices improve. Bob Steele of Strategies Unlimited analyzes the development of the solid-state lighting marketplace.

Business briefs 09 Jan 04

Including news from Agere Systems, Lumenis, Diomed, GSI Lumonics and more.

SVGA display heads for consumers 08 Jan 04

The world’s first 800 x 600 pixel OLED head-mounted display for consumer applications goes on show in the US.

Light-emitting transistor unveiled 08 Jan 04

Researchers in the US claim to have fabricated a transistor that bridges the worlds of optics and electronics.

Laser market to reach $3bn by 2008 08 Jan 04

A US market analyst forecasts that the worldwide laser market will have a value of $3 billion by 2008.

Patent highlights 05 Jan 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a way to detect and classify biological particles.

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