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August 2004

Nanowire waveguides come of age 31 Aug 04

US researchers unveil nanowire waveguides in the current issue of Science.

Looking inside a laser pulse 31 Aug 04

Physicists have directly measured the electric field of a light pulse for the first time.

Business briefs 27 Aug 04

Including news from Newport, Zygo, Rofin-Sinar, Kodak and more.

Patent highlights 27 Aug 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including an uncooled infrared camera.

Cancerous tissue forms laser cavity 25 Aug 04

A pair of US scientists reveals that cancerous tissue can lase.

Polymer holey fiber lases in the red 25 Aug 04

An Australian team produce a laser by exposing holey PMMA fiber to a solution of Rhodamine 6G dye.

3D laser scanner gives Olympic edge 23 Aug 04

Laser scanning optimises the aerodynamic profile of track bikes racing around the Olympic velodrome in Athens.

Getting the measure of ultrashort pulses 23 Aug 04

An autocorrelator is often needed for measuring the duration of very short light pulses. Peter Staudt discusses the different types on the market and explains how they work.

Perfect mirrors give diode breakthrough 23 Aug 04

A new type of surface-emitting diode array could signal the end of costly and complex diode stacks. Oliver Graydon spoke to the company responsible for the development.

Plastic solar tape offers a flexible power source 23 Aug 04

Konarka's thin-film photovoltaics could lead to a whole range of innovative solar-powered products. James Tyrrell speaks to the US company to find out more about the technology.

Mercury altimeter set for warm reception 23 Aug 04

MESSENGER, NASA's first mission to circle Mercury, was launched in early August. Jacqueline Hewett finds out about the laser altimeter that will produce an accurate topographic map of the planet's surface.

Car manufacturers drive sales of polymer fibre 23 Aug 04

Plastic optical fibre (POF) finally seems to have found its killer application - wiring up cars. Paul Polishuk, president of the analyst firm Information Gatekeepers, spoke to Oliver Graydon about POF in cars today and outlined the roadmap for tomorrow.

Germanium-on-insulator detectors could crack interconnect bottleneck 20 Aug 04

Researchers at IBM say they have developed a method that enables the fast, efficient manufacture of photodetectors that are compatible with CMOS production. Michael Hatcher reports.

Business briefs 20 Aug 04

Including news from Mitsubishi Electric, Kodak, IPG Laser, Northrop Grumman and more.

Patent highlights 19 Aug 04

The week's patent applications include a yellow-emitting phosphor which could improve the color purity of white LEDs.

Sewers host cryptography system 19 Aug 04

The first bank transfer performed using quantum cryptography based on entangled photons takes place in Vienna's sewers.

Photonic crystals offer time control 18 Aug 04

A simple way to customise the rate at which quantum dots emit light is unveiled in Nature.

Indian center promotes use of lasers 16 Aug 04

A center in Chennai plans to promote laser cutting and welding to the car and electronics industries.

Business briefs 13 Aug 04

Including news from Lumenis, Avanex, Cree, APA Optics and more.

Microscope peers at fish heartbeat 13 Aug 04

European scientists demonstrate a fluorescent microscope that captures images up to 0.5 mm inside a living fish embryo.

Patent highlights 11 Aug 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including two inventions that could aid the development of fiber lasers.

Carbon mirror delivers light answer 11 Aug 04

Lightweight carbon fiber composite mirrors that rival Zerodur and silicon carbide are being put through their paces by a UK team.

Intel claims lithography milestones 10 Aug 04

EUV lithography gets a boost as Intel lays its foundations for high volume manufacturing in 2009.

CDT to float on NASDAQ 10 Aug 04

Cambridge Display Technology files for an initial public offering and plans to float on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Business briefs 06 Aug 04

Including news from JDS Uniphase, Nichia, GSI Lumonics, Micronic and more.

Patent highlights 05 Aug 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including a lens that efficiently couples light into an optical fiber.

NPL narrows Nd:YAG linewidth 04 Aug 04

A team from the UK's National Physical Laboratory reduces the linewidth of a Nd:YAG laser to unprecedented levels.

Sun powers Sharp's LED street lamp 04 Aug 04

Sharp harnesses solar energy to power its latest LED-based street lamp and illumination panel.

Blaze's dreams go up in smoke 04 Aug 04

Crystal Fibre acquires the assets of rival photonic-crystal fiber maker BlazePhotonics for $3.3 million.

Financial focus 02 Aug 04

A look at the financial results from industry big-hitters Newport, DALSA, JDS Uniphase and more.

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