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11 Aug 2004

The pick of this week's patent applications including two inventions that could aid the development of fiber lasers.

•  Title: In vivo Raman endoscopic probe and methods of use
Applicant: Spectavu Medical, Inc, US
International application number: WO 2004/064627
A US firm is trying to patent an endoscopic Raman spectroscopy system which it says could lead to early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The system uses a fiber-optic probe which fits down the instrument channel of an endoscope. The probe uses a combination of coatings including a short-pass filter an on the illumination fiber and a long-pass filter on the collection fiber. A laser delivers the excitation and a spectrometer analyzes the Raman-scattered light.

•  Title: Fiber laser
Applicant: Evotec Oai AG, Germany
International application number: WO 2004/066456
A diode-pumped fiber laser is the subject of patent application WO 2004/066456. The laser uses entrance and exit resonators which are separated from the end surfaces of the doped fiber by adjustable gaps of up to 20 microns. Controlling the size of the gap is said to tune the emission wavelength over the visible and infrared regions.

•  Title: Fiber laser
Applicant: Trumpf, Inc, US, and Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany
International application number: WO 2004/066458
Trumpf has applied to patent an optical fiber which they say is suitable for use in fiber lasers. The fiber comprises a multimode core and an active region embedded within the core. "The active region has a sufficiently small transverse dimension such that radiation produced in the active region is not confined to the active region," say the authors. "The core is adapted for guiding the laser radiation in a longitudinal direction of the fiber. The desired mode can be a lowest-order mode or a Gaussian mode of the fiber."

Jacqueline Hewett is technology editor on Optics.org and Opto & Laser Europe magazine.

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