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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

May 2004

Business briefs 28 May 04

Including news from Bookham Technology, GSI Lumonics, High Q Laser and more.

Patent highlights 28 May 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including an LED based on a silicon substrate.

EUV source gets ready for market 26 May 04

German firm Microliquids is developing an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) source using its laser driven liquid jet technology

IR light monitors bypass operations 25 May 04

Optical measurements of the heart’s oxygen consumption show whether bypass operations have been successful.

Holey fiber shows continuum promise 25 May 04

Pumping a holey fiber with two wavelengths generates a singlemode supercontinuum spanning 400 nanometers.

Business briefs 21 May 04

Including news from Tellabs, JDS Uniphase, Cree and Nufern.

CLEO in pictures 21 May 04

Our photos from this year's show including some larger than life sights.

CLEO News: Research highlights (2) 21 May 04

Advances in RGB lasers, terahertz spectroscopy and NASA's laser altimeter pull in the crowds.

CLEO News: Research highlights (1) 21 May 04

Our pick of the papers presented during a packed session on fiber lasers.

CLEO News: Products 19 May 04

A selection of products making their debut at this year’s exhibition.

CLEO News: Biophotonics 19 May 04

CDs that contain blood samples rather than music could transform medical testing.

Patent highlights 18 May 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a cornea shaping contact lens.

Business briefs 14 May 04

Including news from Lumileds, MicroEmissive Displays, Rofin-Sinar, Linos and more.

Holey fiber creates convenient OPO 13 May 04

A UK-Danish partnership report a continuous-wave all-fiber optical parametric oscillator.

Patent highlights 13 May 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including high-efficiency solar cells.

UV LEDs sterilize water 12 May 04

Scientists demonstrate the first direct germicidal effect with an ultraviolet LED source.

Porous silicon mirrors show promise 11 May 04

Researchers produce broadband high-quality laser mirrors made from layers of porous silicon.

Business briefs 07 May 04

Including news from Northrop Grumman, DARPA, Koheras and more.

Photonics Europe shines in France 06 May 04

Reactions and images from the first Photonics Europe, which opened it doors in Strasbourg last week.

Financial focus 06 May 04

A selection of quarterly financial results from industry big hitters including GSI Lumonics, DALSA, Coherent and more.

Quantum crypto gets a speed boost 06 May 04

NIST scientists transfer a quantum key made of single photons at a rate of 1Mbps.

Patent highlights 06 May 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a mobile phone that contains a laser rangefinder.

CLEO/IQEC/PHAST: show preview 05 May 04

CLEO and IQEC return to the west coast of the US on 16-21 May and will be co-located with the OSA's latest venture, PhAST. Here we preview the technical conferences and highlight some of the special events not to be missed at this year's event.

Lock-in amplifiers find the signal in the noise 05 May 04

If you want to extract a signal from a huge amount of noise, a lock-in amplifier is the ideal tool. But when it comes to buying one, doing your homework first can avoid a costly mistake, advises Richard Burdett.

Technology advances take 3D displays to the masses 05 May 04

Advances in LCD and microlens technology mean that 3D displays no longer require special goggles. Rob van den Berg reports on how the latest products are finding their way into mobile phones, laptops and medical institutes.

Engine manufacturers embrace laser peening 05 May 04

Laser-peened fan blades are enabling aircraft to fly for longer periods between engine maintenance. Oliver Graydon reports on the commercialization of the technique.

Spectrometer expert faces up to the future 05 May 04

Think spectrometers and you'll probably think Ocean Optics. The firm's president and co-founder Michael Morris tells Jacqueline Hewett about the secret behind the growth of the business, emerging applications for its technology and his plans to sell the firm.

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