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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

November 2004

Pressure tunes diode laser 700 nm 30 Nov 04

Applying high hydrostatic pressures to a 2.4 micron laser diode tunes its emission to 1.7 microns.

Research round-up 29 Nov 04

A look back at some of the optical innovations unveiled this month.

Business briefs 26 Nov 04

Including news from Nichia, VISX, OptoLum, Sherwood Technology, Micronic and more.

Terahertz wired up and ready to go 26 Nov 04

Scientists in the US discover that a simple waveguide made from a metal wire can efficiently transport terahertz pulses.

Patent highlights 26 Nov 04

The pick of this week's applications including a scanning laser microscope which includes a wavefront sensor.

ILDA reveals laser display winners 25 Nov 04

The International Laser Display Association presents its annual awards for technical and artistic excellence.

Optical clock makes leap in precision 24 Nov 04

UK researchers make strides in developing the world's most precise time reference.

IR cameras tackle heat 23 Nov 04

Thinking of buying an infrared camera for generating thermal images? Don't forget that its optics and software are just as important as its sensor chip, says Christiaan Maras.

Low-cost sensor puts 3D cameras in the picture 23 Nov 04

CMOS sensor technology is making 3D imaging more affordable and is stimulating a range of new applications such as intelligent car airbags. James Tyrrell talks to two European firms planning to launch products in 2005.

CMOS pioneer attacks CCD chip dominance 23 Nov 04

From web-cams to high-end digital cameras, CMOS image sensors are now strongly challenging CCD technology. Oliver Graydon spoke to the Californian firm Omnivision Technologies, a pioneer in the field that has just released a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

Business briefs 19 Nov 04

Including news from Rofin-Sinar, Jenoptik, Thorlabs, Nichia and more.

Patent highlights 19 Nov 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including a photonic crystal laser for chemical detection.

Airborne laser achieves "first light" 17 Nov 04

All six modules of the giant COIL laser are turned on in unison for the first time.

Memory chip puts lasers in a spin 16 Nov 04

Scientists in the Netherlands have developed a fast optical memory element based on coupled micro-ring lasers.

Laser therapy cures bad breath 16 Nov 04

Israeli doctors use a CO2 laser to ablate the tonsils of patients suffering from severe halitosis.

Business briefs 12 Nov 04

Including news from Raytheon, StockerYale, BTG, FLIR Systems, EXFO and more.

Patent highlights 12 Nov 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including a fiber-laser based EUV lithography source.

Pattern matching finds CD forgers 11 Nov 04

An Irish start-up unveils a machine vision system that traces optical discs back to the machine where they were pressed.

Terawatt laser extends LIBS range 10 Nov 04

Remote material analysis that exploits a mobile terawatt laser could have a range of up to 1 kilometer.

Financial focus 08 Nov 04

The latest financial results from GSI Lumonics, Coherent, Newport and more.

LIDAR studies Mt St Helens uplift 08 Nov 04

NASA and the US Geological survey use LIDAR to monitor the changes in the Mount St Helens volcano.

Business briefs 05 Nov 04

Including news from Corning, Lumileds, Philips, Cree and more.

Fiber laser sensor spots hydrogen 05 Nov 04

Researchers from Spain and Mexico use a fiber laser's buildup time to measure hydrogen concentration.

Patent highlights 05 Nov 04

The pick of this week's applications including a tunable VCSEL and a way to measure the thickness of thin films.

Financial focus 03 Nov 04

The latest financial results from companies including JDS Uniphase, Zygo, Corning and more.

Tiny polymer tips boost fibre coupling efficiency 02 Nov 04

French scientists have developed a low-cost method for growing an efficient microlens at the end of optical fibre. James Tyrrell reports on the road to commercialization.

Start-up unveils user-friendly QCL 02 Nov 04

A UK venture launches a "plug and play" quantum cascade laser.

Nanopositioning: fighting the myths 02 Nov 04

The need to align optical equipment and samples to within a nanometre is now crucial in many industries. Stefan Vorndran describes the technology that makes it possible.

Q-switch expert eyes up European market 02 Nov 04

Jacqueline Hewett visited the headquarters of the Gooch & Housego group to find out about its history, its range of acousto-optic products and its plans for the future.

Miniature atomic clock makes its debut 02 Nov 04

A laser-driven atomic clock the size of grain of rice may soon be improving the precision of GPS receivers and replacing the quartz crystal oscillator found in computers and watches. Oliver Graydon reports.

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