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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

March 2004

E-paper makes consumer debut 30 Mar 04

An electronic-book reader with a paper-like display is about to go on sale in Japan.

Photonic fibre finds its first applications 26 Mar 04

A new type of optical fibre that rewrites the rules for guiding light is now coming of age. Rob van den Berg talks to three start-ups that are busy exploring the commercial potential and applications of photonic crystal fibre.

Business briefs 26 Mar 04

Including news from Accent Optical Technologies, Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Eikos and more.

Careful mount design keeps mirrors aligned 26 Mar 04

Picking the right mirror mount for your optical application could save you from hours of frustration. Colin Freeland gives a round-up of the different types of mount available.

Clearing up confusion in laser classification 26 Mar 04

The class assigned to a laser is only part of the picture when deciding how it should be used safely, as Karl Schulmeister reports.

Redesigned VCSELs take a leap in power 26 Mar 04

High-power infrared or visible light from a VCSEL-type architecture is what US-based firm Novalux says its product offers. The company's president and CEO Jeff Cannon tells Siân Harris how NECSELs offer an attractive alternative to conventional laser technology.

Woven LEDs make flexible signs 26 Mar 04

Sarnoff unveils what it claims is the world’s first sign incorporating LEDs into woven fabric.

Patent highlights 24 Mar 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a way to retrofit traffic lights with LED-based lamps.

Liquid lens rivals begin legal action 23 Mar 04

Varioptic of France believes Philips’ recently announced liquid lens infringes its patents.

Terahertz waves transmit music 22 Mar 04

Audio signals get their first airing at terahertz frequencies.

Business briefs 19 Mar 04

Including news from Cree, AXT, Strategy Analytics, TDK, Biolase and more.

fs lasers aid frequency standards 18 Mar 04

Femtosecond lasers promise to help compare and distribute next-generation optical frequency standards.

Copper substrate boosts red LEDs 18 Mar 04

Researchers in Taiwan fabricate high-power red LEDs based on copper substrates.

Kodak unveils 3D immersive display 17 Mar 04

Imaging giant Kodak claims that video-game players and computer modellers alike will benefit from its new 3D display.

Patent highlights 16 Mar 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a way to increase the efficiency of an LED.

Business briefs 12 Mar 04

Including news from Corning, Bookham Technology, Emcore, Samsung Electronics and more.

Patent highlights 12 Mar 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including a low macrobending loss fiber.

Quantum crypto reaches 150 km 12 Mar 04

A single photon is sent over a 150 km optical link beating the previous transmission record by 50 km.

Concrete casts new light in dull rooms 11 Mar 04

Light transmitting concrete is set to go on sale later this year.

Airborne LIDAR maps salmon 11 Mar 04

A LIDAR system is helping US authorities monitor the number of salmon returning to their birthplace.

Philips demonstrates fluid lens 10 Mar 04

Consumer electronics giant Philips says it will be mass-producing liquid lenses within two years.

Optical biosensor tackles tuberculosis 09 Mar 04

Blowing into a portable breath analyzer gives a rapid and convenient way to screen for TB.

Counting the options to measure low light levels 05 Mar 04

Detecting the presence of just a few photons of light is essential for many research and commercial applications. Siân Harris investigates the types of detectors that can help.

Progress in terahertz emitters warms up 05 Mar 04

Scientists around the world are busy trying to develop a practical semiconductor laser that emits terahertz waves. Rob van den Berg reports on the progress being made in the race to raise the temperature of operation and output power of terahertz sources.

Megawatt airborne laser prepares for 'first light' 05 Mar 04

The ballistic missile-killer is almost complete, and the future of the daring billion-dollar ABL project now rests on the tests it is about to undergo. Oliver Graydon reports.

Chinese merger creates ambitious optical firm 05 Mar 04

Jacqueline Hewett visits Photop Technologies, the new rising star of Chinese optics, and learns that chief executive John Ling has big ideas for the company.

Business briefs 04 Mar 04

Including news from Strategies Unlimited, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Rofin-Sinar and more.

Yb-doped sesquioxide gives fs pulses 04 Mar 04

Researchers detail the first femtosecond oscillator based on an ytterbium (Yb)-doped sesquioxide crystal.

Cavity improves laser cooling 04 Mar 04

In this week’s Nature, researchers unveil a way to cool atoms which they say is five times faster than conventional techniques.

Reversible LCD thins cell phones 02 Mar 04

One LCD can display images on both sides thanks to transparent backlights.

Patent highlights 01 Mar 04

The pick of this week’s patent applications including an optical fiber sensor that monitors an unborn baby’s heart rate.

Tough fiber sensor survives extremes 01 Mar 04

A fiber pressure sensor boasts a measurement limit that cripples most optical sensors.

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