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October 2004

Business briefs 29 Oct 04

Including news from Alfalight, Sensors Unlimited, Showa Denko and Osram Opto Semiconductors.

Californians build first silicon laser 29 Oct 04

Scientists demonstrate a silicon waveguide laser that relies on the Raman effect.

Optical trap dates Egyptian water 28 Oct 04

Scientists use a laser based magneto optical trap to krypton date 500 000 year old Egyptian groundwater.

Researchers flock to military event 28 Oct 04

SPIE's first European event on optics for defence applications turns out to be a big hit.

Research round-up 28 Oct 04

A look at some of the innovations in optics that have been reported in journals this month.

Cree seeks to stay ahead of the pack with five-year plan 28 Oct 04

Record profit, a five-year investment in manufacturing facilities of $300 million and a sharp rise in its stock price mean that LED maker Cree is one of the brightest lights in the compound semiconductor industry right now. Hamish Johnston quizzes John Palmour, Cree's executive vice-president and director of advanced devices, on the company's manufacturing strategy.

Shell surface creates iridescent colors 25 Oct 04

Researchers reveal the origins of the blue-green and pink iridescence seen from the shell of a common mollusk.

Business briefs 22 Oct 04

Including news from Toyoda Gosei, JVC, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Universal Display Corporation and more.

Patent highlights 22 Oct 04

The pick of this week's applications including a silicon prism that increases light coupling efficiency into a waveguide.

LED array emits over 13 kilolumens 21 Oct 04

High-brightness LED lighting developer Lamina Ceramics says that it has made the brightest LED "light engine" ever.

Protein makes phototransceiver debut 20 Oct 04

Light-sensitive bacteriorhodopsin is combined with electronics to make the world's first bio-phototransceiver.

Interferometer gets set for space 20 Oct 04

Scientists build a monolithic glass interferometer that boasts picometer stability.

Business briefs 15 Oct 04

Including news from Cree, Philips, Nanotech Semiconductor, IMEC, Konarka and more.

Philips shuts microdisplay business 15 Oct 04

The Dutch firm decides to stop production of TVs based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology.

Laser team uses LIBS to spot cancer 14 Oct 04

US Scientists reveal the potential of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as an in vivo tool for diagnosing cancer.

MIT unveils light-sensitive fibers 14 Oct 04

Optical fibers containing layers of conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials are unveiled in this week's Nature.

Optical fibers tackle the mid-infrared 14 Oct 04

Singlemode fibers that transmit across the 4 to 18 microns range become commercially available.

Business briefs 08 Oct 04

Including news from Corning, Laser Components, Sharp, Osram, IPG Laser and more.

Patent highlights 08 Oct 04

The pick of this week's patent applications including a heads-up display for a propeller-driven aircraft.

Skin glow reveals onset of diabetes 07 Oct 04

Fluorescence spectroscopy detects chemicals in the skin that relate to diabetes.

Lightweight eye-tracker suits sports 07 Oct 04

Mobile Eye from ASL offers a convenient way to analyze the performance of sportsmen in action.

NIST funds high-risk ventures 05 Oct 04

Thirty-two projects are the lucky recipients of funding totalling over $80 million.

Business briefs 01 Oct 04

Including news from NEC, Sony, QinetiQ, EXFO, Quantum Dot Corporation and more.

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