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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

January 2003

Business briefs 31 Jan 03

Including news from Coherent, Lambda-Physik, Newport, Three-Five Systems and ZBD Displays.

Pulses put chemists in control 31 Jan 03

Scientists calculate the optimal pulse shape to maximize the product yield of a chemical reaction.

Photonics West news: Thursday 31 Jan 03

Fears that Photonics West would be severely hit by the downturn were proved incorrect at this year's show.

Photonics West news: Wednesday 30 Jan 03

OPTO delegates hear that high-brightness white LEDs are making an impact in Japanese medicine.

Scientific CCD cameras grow in sophistication 29 Jan 03

CCD cameras may be a popular tool for scientfic imaging, but lots of technical jargon and a wide range of models can make it very difficult to select the most suitable product. Oliver Graydon offers some useful advice for the novice.

Unique data is the key to oil market 29 Jan 03

For makers of fiber-optic sensor systems, the oil and gas industry has proved tougher to crack than expected. But optics holds the key to so-called "intelligent" oil wells and could become a critical technology in future production. Michael Hatcher looks at the latest developments.

Close client relationships keep Anteryon profitable 29 Jan 03

Creating custom-built solutions rather than developing off-the-shelf products is the strategy behind the success of precision glass specialist Anteryon. Jacqueline Hewett reports.

Photonics West news: Tuesday 29 Jan 03

A summary of the new products that caught our eye on the first day of the exhibition.

Photonics West news: Monday 28 Jan 03

A round up of the latest news from the technical sessions at Photonics West in San Jose, California.

Patent highlights 28 Jan 03

The pick of this week's patent applications, including potential methods for vision correction and cellulite removal.

Business briefs 24 Jan 03

Including news from Ericsson, Jenoptik, Corning, Lucent Technologies and more.

Oxygen-assisted beam cuts thick steel 24 Jan 03

The world's first production laser-assisted oxygen system that can cut 50 mm-thick steel is installed at a US shipyard.

Light controls drug delivery 24 Jan 03

In this week's Nature, researchers reveal a porous material that opens or closes its pores in response to UV light.

Electricity tunes liquid microlens 22 Jan 03

Applying a voltage to a liquid microlens alters its position and focal length.

Ceramic YAGs hit market 21 Jan 03

YAG lasers based on a ceramic active medium will be commercially available this year.

Patent highlights 21 Jan 03

The pick of this week's hottest patent applications including a light-emitting mattress that helps you fall asleep.

Business briefs 17 Jan 03

Including news from Cree, Actuality Systems, Strategies Unlimited, Lumenis and more.

Nanowire lasers go electric 17 Jan 03

Scientists reveal how they made the first electrically driven nanowire laser in this week's Nature.

SPIE to launch European show 15 Jan 03

Strasbourg will play host to SPIE's first Photonics Europe conference and exhibition in April 2004.

Patent highlights 14 Jan 03

The pick of this week's hottest patent applications including a car security system that relies on iris recognition.

Optical fiber overcomes diffraction 13 Jan 03

Australian researchers design an optical fiber that focuses light in the far field without using lenses.

Business briefs 10 Jan 03

Including news from Lumenis, Zygo, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, New Focus, Optiva and more.

Patent highlights 10 Jan 03

The pick of this week's hottest patent applications including an efficient solar energy converter.

Lasers check crumbling roads 09 Jan 03

Lasers are assessing the condition of Scotland's entire 56 000 km road network.

Polymer yields two-color switch 09 Jan 03

Philips researchers make an electroluminescent switch that could simplify the manufacture of color displays.

Tiny LEDs line up in largest array 08 Jan 03

UK researchers make the world's largest grid of miniature LEDs.

Beam analysers offer healthcheck for lasers 07 Jan 03

Our new series of buyer's guides takes an in-depth look at a different piece of technical equipment each issue. This month Oliver Graydon investigates the pros and cons of the range of products available for laser beam analysis. Next month, we profile CCD cameras.

Medical laser specialist seeks new applications 07 Jan 03

Increasing competition and tough economic conditions hit sales of medical laser systems in 2002. Yacha Sutton, chief executive of Lumenis, tells Jacqueline Hewett that tapping new application areas is the key to restoring growth to the market.

Financing photonics: the venture capital view 07 Jan 03

The optical communications market may be on its knees, but there is still an argument for investing in the sector. Vivek Tandon of Viventures believes that the best opportunities lie with device integration, materials development and cost-saving manufacturing schemes.

Brightness boost for organic LEDs 07 Jan 03

Researchers produce an organic LED that is 25 times more efficient than the best quantum-dot LEDs to date.

Fibre sources target automotive industry 07 Jan 03

Advances in the reliability of laser diodes mean that IPG Photonics's fiber lasers now offer a real alternative to solid-state and carbon dioxide lasers for industrial materials processing. Michael Hatcher finds out more.

Business briefs 03 Jan 03

A round-up of all the business news from the Christmas period.

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