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Aeva launches ‘first’ 4D lidar with camera-level clarity

03 Feb 2022

Aeries II billed as “next-generation” FMCW lidar sensor with advanced 4D perception software.

Aeva, a developer of sensing and perception systems, has launched Aeries II, a 4D lidar sensor built with automotive grade reliability to enable what the company is calling “the next wave of autonomy across applications in automotive, industrial and beyond”.

Based on Aeva’s frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology and the first lidar-on-chip module design, the sensor detects the fourth dimension of instantaneous velocity for each point scanned in addition to its 3D position. Aeva’s 4D Perception software enables new features like 4D Localization and “Ultra Resolution”, a camera-level image with up to 20 times the resolution of legacy lidar sensors, the firm claims.

Key features of Aeries II include:

  • Camera-level ultra resolution: this uses Aeva’s proprietary raw 4D data to deliver a real-time camera-level image with up to 1000 lines per frame with no motion blur for the static scene.
  • Instant velocity with ultra long range: Aeva’s 4D lidar measures instantaneous velocity for each pixel in addition to 3D position, allowing automated vehicles and machines to perceive where things are and know precisely how fast they are moving, at distances up to 500 meters.
  • Lidar-on-chip technology: the new design eliminates all fiber optics and incorporates all key lidar elements onto silicon photonics in a single compact module for reliable and scalable production.
  • Automotive grade reliability: with automotive-grade ratings for ingress, impact, thermal, and shock and vibration to ensure peak performance across a variety of road and environmental conditions.
  • Versatility: At a quarter of the size of the previous generation, the compact design allows for a wide range of integration options, with real-time configurable maximum ranges, field of views and scan patterns to enable a broad range of autonomous applications.

‘A leap forward’

Mina Rezk, co-founder and CTO at Aeva, commented, “Aeries II is a leap forward for the industry, and we believe it will play a critical role in unlocking the next wave of automation across a variety of applications from automotive, to industrial and beyond.

“Aeva’s FMCW technology has inherent advantages like instant velocity detection for each point that allow us to deliver several crucial breakthroughs for our customers – such as Ultra Resolution and 4D Localization, which have not been possible until today. Aeries II provides our customers with a new level of perception to help automated vehicles and machines make safer, more intelligent decisions with higher confidence.”

Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-founder of autonomous truck developer Plus, commented, “The improved safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our autonomous trucks are good for fleets, for the public, and for the environment.

He added, “Adding Aeva’s 4D lidar to our state-of-the-art long range perception provides valuable instant velocity detection for an extra layer of redundancy. We are excited to work with Aeva to commercialize and deploy our autonomous driving technology globally.”

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